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  1. needforspeed

    F4R 830 vs F4R 832

    What are the differences between the 2 engines?
  2. needforspeed

    *Geometry Gurus* !! Rear setup advice so I can order some more Pure shims . . .

    So I've just fitted the Pure axle strengthening kit / bearings and now need to get it set up. Popped it on one of my customers 'hunter' tracking kit today. Front camber is adjustable so can sort that and have already fitted a 60' + 10' camber shim on the N/S & 60' + 60' + 10' on the O/S. Its...
  3. needforspeed

    Mapping after manifold swap?

    Ive just fitted a Toyosport manifold, the car has been mapped before would I gain anything by having it done again with the small cat being removed??
  4. needforspeed

    Cup spoiler fitting

    Hi Ive just got my new cup spoiler out of the box from Rofag to test fit it before paint and its miles out! Should they come pre bent or are you supposed to bend them into place while your fitting it if this makes sense?!!
  5. needforspeed

    200 Cup, track focused rebuild!

    So a brief intro, I wanted to start a build thread for myself to look back on and for any advice/help and things I may be doing wrong! Always had RS Turbos, Cosworths and an Mk Indy track car previously. I bought a 172 around a year ago for some cheap fun and after a few laps instantly got the...
  6. needforspeed

    Cup Racer Speedline tyre size

    Hi what tyre sizes are people using on these? 215 or 225?