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    Caliper bolt thread size???

    Get a second opinion but I believe they are M14 x 1.5mm
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    Fix for water on top of engine?

    Same here, Silicon sealer under the washer jets fixed the issue
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    Brakes - Fast road and track set ups...IN HERE.

    yeah we’ve used 330mm Godspeed curved vane disks in anger, they performed better than the Reyland equivalent when using DS1.11 pads still think the best pads are RS29’s for performance and wear rate Used RST3’s on the meg’ excellent braking but a little aggressive
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    R20 BTG - Supreme Motorsport Track Car Build

    Thanks for the info I'm after a solution to fit aerocatches to a Meg' R26, don't have access to a welder !
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    R20 BTG - Supreme Motorsport Track Car Build

    Stunning build Do you have a pic showing the aerocatch pins / brackets inside the hatch ? Ignore request just spotted one on page 2
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    R26 battery cutoff switch

    The autolec battery cutoff switch has an auxiliary contact (5A rated) to cut the ignition circuit when the switch is operated thus killing the engine immediately. Has anyone a suggestion as to where to break into the wiring to achieve this (somewhere nice and easy). Does anyone have access to a...
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    Best track tyre

    We had to use Pirelli Trofeo for Timeattack, expensive but decent tyres, far better than the Nankang we used previously.
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    Brake upgrade

    We've use both Godspeed and Reyland bigger disks No brake balance issues, used RS29's in the front and M1144 in the rear. Not sure we noticed any benefit in braking due to disk size. We did try DS1.11 with the Reyland disks and had issues with the disks, we thought this was down to the Reyland...
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    Oil cooler sandwich plate

    Have a word with Kev at Kam racing, I'm sure he can supply
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    4 or 6 Braided Hoses

    As you said the additional 2 replace the pipes to the rear calipers
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    suspension and corner weights set up

    Yeah - Dave and Jake are cracking guys, give them a go
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    suspension and corner weights set up

    Jade Developments, Rentune or Motion Motorsport over in Stoke
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    Gearbox oil

    We settled on the Castrol also after trying several others inc' MTL
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    Rear Half Roll Cage - Enquiry

    SD do one RBR020 5SXU - Rear roll cage, removable back stays, fixed cross diagonal, harness bar May be used alone May have to purchase via Mark Fish Motorsport You could get it fitted locally by Dave at Motion Motorsport
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    197 Cup F4RT track car

    I think KTEC sell them
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    197 Cup F4RT track car

    Depends what you call reasonable, they ain't cheap - £300 + !!
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    197 Cup F4RT track car

    The pad that has given us the least disc issues is the Pagid RS29 We tried the XP10 and they were ok, we did have to skim the disks after one lock up in the wet at Oulton ! On the Meg' we've been using RST3's, had judder issues on Brembo HC plain disc's but no issues with grooved
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    HELP NEEDED....Harness mounting for MSA

    M10 eyebolts are available For example -
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    Car died on track - pointers on where to start

    We had an issue a couple of years ago, car just stopped at a Rockingham Couldn't read ecu with scanguage RAC came out and they couldn't read the ECU either, eventually had it recovered to Dave Hudson (now Motion Motorsport Longton) He found the ECU fuse had blown and there was an engine loom...
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    Studs too long?

    Exactly what we used with 20mm spacers 90mm front studs 82mm rear studs - spot on