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    Can't remove shock/strut

    I'm having trouble removing the front strut from the knuckle joint that clamps it into place I've tried basically everything and still cant get it off. Its come out of the knuckle most of the way but its taken ages and I just can't get it that last bit I've disconnected everything that should...
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    Bird poo

    Bit of a random question I know. The past couple of weeks I've had a couple birds poo on my car. Whenever I notice any I always wash it off straight away so it doesn't stain. This time it must've been on there for about 30 minutes and nothing I try will fully remove the stain mark. I tried...
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    197: Speedo needle removal?

    Thought I would put this in the general chat as it applies to the 197 and 200. I'm changing the LEDs in my speedo but before I go ripping off the speedo needles and messing something up has anyone removed them before? Can't find any information on removing them for the mk3. Normally they just...
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    Whining noise on start up

    On start up mainly in the cold my car makes I whining noise for about 20 seconds then it fades away It made the noise when I got the car and I didnt really notice it until my neighbour pointed it out I've had all my belts changed about a year ago when I got the car. I just assume its something...
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    So ever since owning the car (about a year now) I've noticed it splutter on idle. You can hear it clearly when standing behind the car and the exhaust note goes up and down and you hear little pops and chuffs (very technical vocabulary I know) I've had an engine light come on a few times and it...
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    What wheels do you have?

    Just wondering what wheels everyone has? I'm looking for some non standard wheels but I'm struggling to find the right offset and width Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    Renault parts direct free postage?

    I remember ordering parts a while ago and thought I used a code for members that gives you free postage I see theres a code for free postage over a certain price but I thought it was on all orders Maybe I'm dreaming Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    Window settings

    Hello everyone I have another question for you all that hopefully you can help with My passenger side window is only moving down small amounts at a time. Normally if you put the window down and then put it up and hold it for a few seconds it fixes the issue but unfortunately this window doesnt...
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    Can't remove brake pad

    Just managed to get this pin out after struggling for ages. Got 3 out and the last one was stuck (always the same) The simple task of sliding the pads out doesnt seem like it's as simple as it should be. One pad came out really easily, the other, well I cant get it to wiggle out. Any...
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    Alloy wheel help

    Hello everyone I'm getting myself a bit confused trying to calculate wheel offset and all that good stuff. I read on the forum that the standard wheels are 7.5J ET68. I've measured my wheels and it looks like they're 7.5J ET63. I'm currently running 20mm spacers and I'm looking for some new...
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    Squeaking noise when turning left

    Hello everyone I've got a loud squeak coming from what sounds like the drivers side front wheel. It's a loud creaking noise and can be heard outside the car as well as inside. I've taken the wheel off and turned the steering wheel to try locate the noise but it only seems to do it when the...
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    Anti roll bar link

    Hello everyone Just removed my old arb links and they arent the same length as the new ones I have The old ones are 280mm from the centre of each bolt and the new ones are 248mm I phoned euro car parts to ask what they had in stock and they gave me those two different measurements. I'm a bit...
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    Steering uj HELP

    Hello all Took the subframe off to repair the manifold and now when trying to get it back on the uj just wont go back on the shaft. Tried everything if anyone can give me some advice I'd appreciate it Thanks Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    Door handle button removal?

    I have the door handle off, just wondering if the button for locking the car can come out or not Cheers Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    Mud flaps?

    Hello everyone I know theres a lot of talk about mud flaps on the forum but nobody seems to have any pictures of how they've mounted them I've bought a couple sets now, the first set didnt fit at all even though it said it would fit my 197, got a refund though so that's alright. Ordered a...
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    Front shock absorbers part number?

    Anyone know the part number of the front shocks on a 2006 197? Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    Wheel Spacers

    Hello everyone Just wondering what people's opinion is on the two different types of wheel spacers. Are there any benefits of one over the other? Is one style safer than the other? These Or these Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    Car splutters after exhaust change

    Hello my fellow Clio owners I'm new to this forum but it has been very useful to me these past few month of owning my Clio 197. Ever since owning the car Its always had the hesitation when you put your foot down, I've read this is a common problem. I decided to cut the middle silencer out and...
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    Cambelt Advice

    Hello I am new to this forum and have just purchased a Clio 197. It has 59k miles and is a 56 plate. Looking at the service history it has been maintained and regular oil changes have been done by renault themselves. The problem is the cambelt was done in 2012 when it had 32k on it and...