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    Itg maxogen proven gains/losses?

    I had one on my 182 and it was pants, paid over £300 for it iirc too. Was on all of a week as it made the car less responsive and drank fuel.
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    How much do you use this forum

    Not as much as I did now I don't have the 200, but pop on for a look when I can :)
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    Renault offered me a 250...?

    Keep the Clio, save your money and buy at a time to suit you, not when a dealer is throwing a car at you, there's always a reason!!
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    Liquid yellow ASW

    PMSL believe me it is nothing to do with not having the clio anymore, im waiting to complete on my first house so thats why ;/
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    Liquid yellow ASW

    Looks lovely Lee, you still enjoying her? :)
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    Happy birthday Giles

    Happy birthday Giles, no car cleaning today :p LOL
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    STR: Nasty clio crash at ring. One fatality.

    RIP :( my thoughts go out to the family
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    Petrol Goggles

    Why not ? I look at men that is but that's all ;) lol
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    Exactly what I meant Roy, its only a "recommendation" I used 95 in my 182 and 200.
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    Reccomended is the clue :p
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    Gave a good clean

    Could eat your dinner of it Giles!!
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    If you could change one thing about the clio.....

    Better mpg, that's why I got rid.
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    The person buying the car has to pay the finance company via chaps (for example) in advance of recieving the car, the finance company has to confirm reciept of the funds before you can hand the car over to the buyer (this can take days). In advance I had to provide proof to the buyer of the...
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    spotted exotica section?

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    You can't transfer the PCP it has to be paid off before you can sell the car. Went through this with mine, be prepped for a complicated situation if private sale!! Lol
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    Bank Holiday pics

    Looking good :)
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    Few pics from NW/W.Mids Meet

    182 looks nice mik, probably more fun than the 197 too ;) lol
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    Welcome to the dark side ;)
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    spotted exotica section?

    Pmsl :rofl:
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    spotted exotica section?

    Jase would have to buy shares in tissues to issue in membership packs!! :p *runs*