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    House hold equipment

    I need everything for a imminent house purchase. Please post any links to too good to miss deals you have recently purchased. Just found a Hotpoint washer dryer and fridge freezer for just under £700, think that's a decent price. :)
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    200: Who bought my old car?

    DE60 P** ? Just wondered how it was getting on with it's new owner :)
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    Happy birthday Woody

    :kiss::hug::drunk::hug1::bounce1: lol
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    LY R27 - BT57? Stockton Heath

    Just now.. Car looked great :)
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    My new baby

    Picked her up today after a long wait :) Apologies for the rubbish pics!!
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    200: Fao trailerparktrev

    Whens the replacment arriving? :p
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    Happy birthday Nick

    Hope you have a great day :)
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    Happy Easter...

    Everyone, don't eat too many eggs on Sunday lol :innocent:
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    Your forum name....

    Why? I got Maz (short for Marie) at school and it's stuck. You ?!! :)
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    At last, what a week!! What's everyone up to this weekend apart from the national meet, cleaning cars? Lol I'm shopping, eating out and at the theatre this weekend, looking forward to it :)
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    Good morning campers...

    How is everyone today ?!? :)
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    Galaxy tab

    Anyone got one ? Can get one for £250 but no idea if they are any good ?
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    Anyone in or near Colchester ?

    Interested in a car down there but its a 4 hour drive for me and dont want to go all that way for it to be a dog :oops:
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    Remember not to buy petrol tomorrow

    As above please :)
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    Little ray of sunshine

    Tried out the HD setting on my iphone: Same pic but normal: And again, HD: Normal: Trying and I mean trying to be artistic ;/ PMSL Sorry for the rubbish phone pics but my point and shoot camera is even worse lol
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    Quick detailer

    What you using and why ? I've just finished my zymol and not sure what to try next with clay.
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    Available 25th March.. I need one!! Anyone else tempted by one ? :)
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    Clio197/ Member of the moment No.22: Liambo-235

    Member of the moment No.22: Liambo-235. Basically what you see/read is what you get, I like a laugh and a good time I suppose. Mike (hopefully) can back that up! Real Name: Liam Youngson Me & the other half. Age: 21 Birthplace: Aberdeen, Scotland Current Location: Peterhead...
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    Happy 30th birthday Daz

    They say life begins at 30 ;) Lol
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    Happy birthday mark_1873

    Hope you have a great day :)