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  1. RSRowe

    Brake booster (I think) pipe clip

    Anyone have an idea where to find one of these clips?
  2. RSRowe

    Anyone used Extreme VR2?

    On the lookout for some new tyres. Have seen people rave and people slate them on fb..... not entirely sure they’ve actually had first hand experience of them. Any of you here used them?
  3. RSRowe

    Double thread

    Evening gents. I created two identical threads by mistake earlier and have replied to both of them somehow :tearsofjoy: Could you merge the threads please/delete one of them
  4. RSRowe

    Car died on track - pointers on where to start

    My mates Clio 200 died on track yesterday. He shifted from 3rd to 4th and in the time the clutch was depressed the car cut out. We checked all fuses and earth's whilst we were there and couldn't find anything untoward. We plugged clip in and it couldn't read the ECU. The car still cranks and...
  5. RSRowe

    The crunchy 197

    Evening gents. Probably sick to death of seeing all the project threads on here, but I thought I'd create my own so I can keep a bit of a history my time during 197 ownership. My friend originally bought the car back in February of this year in the hope of starting to do trackside alongside me...
  6. RSRowe

    RS? Rallye Sport...

    First thread for me gents . I visit from the land of Ford, having pretty much owned one ever since I started driving ten years ago. The story of how I ended up with the 197 is rather lengthy, but I'll summise: I bought an ST170 which I turned into a track car, spent shit loads of money...