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  1. RSRowe

    Wheel hub

    You can buy the swivels and balljoint all separately on eBay
  2. RSRowe

    The crunchy 197

    Oh if anyone was wondering..... What a waste of money! Ktec still adamant I’m the only person to have this issue, and have now said it’s my balancer which has perished which is causing the bolts to snap. I should of just fucking bought the PMS kit in the first place. Live and learn tho’...
  3. RSRowe

    Brake booster (I think) pipe clip

    Anyone have an idea where to find one of these clips?
  4. RSRowe

    Another flexi thread

    Just crack your window a bit. And for how much they cost, I’d just do the lot.
  5. RSRowe

    Another flexi thread

    It’ll just run rich and put some pretty nasty chemicals inside the cabin. I’d get it fixed ASAP personally. It’s a bit morbid, but there have been instances of people dying from CO poisoning
  6. RSRowe

    Another flexi thread

    I would also guess that it is the flexi’s
  7. RSRowe

    Front axle stand positioning

    Most points on the subframe are pretty sturdy. Anywhere with a bolt will generally be ok.
  8. RSRowe

    Whats the correct wheel bolt tightening torque setting?

    pretty sure the book says 140nm.... which is very tight I generally go to around 110-120nm and haven’t had an issue so far. I certainly wouldn’t do a locking bolt to 140nm.
  9. RSRowe

    No. 320/500

    That’s what I’ve got currently. Sounds ace from outside, but it’s noisyyyyyy in the cabin with it being stripped
  10. RSRowe

    No. 320/500

    Perfect the akra systems are. Very jealous!
  11. RSRowe

    Rear spoiler: Does it improve performance?

    A mate of mine had a huge wing on the back of his. And he said his was noticeably slower down the straights vs all our cars with cup spoilers
  12. RSRowe

    Rear spoiler: Does it improve performance?

    I’ve noticed absolutely no difference after fitting one to mine.
  13. RSRowe

    Clio RS 200 Cup from Amsterdam

    Very cool! Looks awesome
  14. RSRowe

    New Clio 200 Owner - Few issues/questions

    I can’t help you with part numbers. But can try to help answer a few bits 1. yes they can be removed. The paint code is on the forum somewhere 2. not sure. I would of though the part you’ve circled is indeed the issue though. 3. not sure 4. Glovebox is something you’ll have to accept. They...
  15. RSRowe

    06 nimbus 197 daily track toy

    Loud noises incoming!
  16. RSRowe

    final drive from a TL4 021 gearbox,

    Dave’s bang on. The actual gear ratios remove any advantage of the final drive benefits
  17. RSRowe

    200: Brake Fluid suggestions for track use

    I’ve ran a few different types, but was on R888R at the time I started having the soft pedal. My issue with pad pickup is only when I’m doing wet days with my Michelin PS4’s. My thoughts are that I’m not working the material hard enough, or to a high enough temperature and it’s smearing onto the...
  18. RSRowe

    200: Brake Fluid suggestions for track use

    See, I’ve had soft pedal followed by no pedal with 660 :tearsofjoy:. Swapped back to SRF and it’s been fine. But then I’ve also had issues with vibrations/pad pick up with the DS1.11 No one else seems to have these issues which is annoying.
  19. RSRowe

    Wheel Sizes

    The R3 wheels are definitely the best looking wheel for the Mk3 imo. I think the only ones which come even remotely close are ATS GTR’s and those Braid Fullrace’s.