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    AG 200 Tesco Pembury

    Alien Green 200 at Tesco, Pembury, Tunbridge Wells. First Alient Green I've seen in the flesh, nice example. Anyone on here?
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    Poor running, help!

    My exhaust is blowing excessively (not sure where from). Has been doing so for a while but suddenly got 1000 times worse. More importantly the car is spluttering like mad below 3k revs, massively down on power and the occasional misfire. Could this be due to the ECU&throttle body out of sync...
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    Remove sound proofing?

    Thinking of removing all the sound proofing as I love the noise and the drama of the naturally aspirated 4 pot. Anyone know the best place to start? Rarely do long journeys and don't generally use the radio so the noise isn't an issue
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    Just test drove 220 trophy

    Hi all, Been tempted to exchange my 200 (naturally asp) for a 220 trophy so had a test drive at the dealership today. Really felt the torque of the turbo engine and it’s definitely quicker round a track than the 197/200. Dual clutch box was very impressive as well. It just doesn’t have the...
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    Anyone else’s clio falling apart?

    Hi All, I’ve owned my 2009 200 for about 5 years now, approaching 75k miles and it seems to have taken a turn for the worse. Steering wheel falling apart, steering/suspension components failing, corroded, broken etc always fails mot’s costing £££ General condition not great either, lacquer...
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    Squeaky driver seat

    My driver seat is squeaking when I go over bumps, it’s driving me insane. Standard seats not the recaros. Sounds as if it’s coming from where the top of my back rests against the seat. Anybody else had this? This combined with the squeaky steering wheel is extremely annoying.
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    Somebody please help!

    Hi all, new to the forum. Apologies if this is the wrong section etc but I’m having a nightmare trying to get the oil filter off my 200 Oil is drained, can’t go anywhere :o got to get the train to work tomorrow. So the oil filter won’t budge, tried wd40, got some oil filter pliers but they...
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    Machine polisher/buffer

    Hi everyone, Has anybody got any recommendations for a good polisher/buffer? I have a nice tidy black 200 but needs a jolly good polish. Any tips/advise would be most welcome Thanks in advance.