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  1. pez1356

    The return of Kimi

    the season he won it with Ferrari was probably the only time he didn't deserve it. The two seasons before at McLaren he should've won easily. As for his attitude I think he's proper cool, he's like a rockstar, he just hates interviews. I look forward to him drinking coke and eating ice cream...
  2. pez1356

    The return of Kimi

    So glad to see Raikkonen return to F1 for 2012. I know he's not everyones favourite due to the fact that he hates talking to the media, but I think he's one of the most exciting (on track) and most natural drivers to feature in F1 in recent times. Really excited for next season with 6 former...
  3. pez1356

    Royal international air tattoo 2011, RAF Fairford.

    Love the pic of the Apache with your 230!! Great pics as always!
  4. pez1356

    500 Ferrari Ed.

    I love these 500's they're so overpriced though it's ridiculous. Think i'd rather have this and pocket the £4k....
  5. pez1356

    To Recaro or Not to Recaro?

    I have the standard seats in my 197 and they are great, and really supportive... can't remember which magazine it was but one actually said these were THE best car seats, which I think says it all. HOWEVER the recaros look far nicer and I'd swap mine for recaros anyday. Just depends if you're...
  6. pez1356

    quick clean before it rains again!

    love this, why isn't mine clean?? :(
  7. pez1356

    Cambelt at JMS chertsey

    I also enquired about JMS to find a new company had taken them over... need to call up and get a quote, post on here if you get one before me.
  8. pez1356

    Update of 197 few mods

    they do go on further without removing the diffuser, just a bit of a push and a little twist... if you're interested :) car looks great... but I would say that as it's almost identical to mine. :thumbup1:
  9. pez1356

    Howdy! From one RS to another....

    Welcome to the site mate, I think the Clio does tend to hiss a little when idle just to ease any worries you have about that.
  10. pez1356

    Calling you cyclists out there

    Didn't realise this thread existed! Some very nice bikes on here! My girl....
  11. pez1356

    Ultra Red 197 :)

    Think they look the best untouched, that's why I never added anything to mine. Just wish mine was this clean :(
  12. pez1356

    Summer vacation

    What does it say on the back of that clio in the 5th pic? It looks like WTECIA or something. WTF's that?! lol. Pictures are great though matey!
  13. pez1356

    Do Clio 197/200s 'Rattle' ?

    I only notice any rattles when I don't have the radio on... so I just keep it on all the time. It's alot better than my flat mates 182 though
  14. pez1356

    Sunset Photos

    1 for sure. i like it being darker
  15. pez1356

    My LY R27

    Engine bay looks great mate!! Not sure if I prefer those wheels to the standard ones, but even so, car looks great!
  16. pez1356

    197 v 200

    200 is the better car. Tweaks have been made to improve it. It depends what you can get for your money though, I'd rather have a high spec 197 than a low spec 200. There isn't really that much difference imho but the small changes do make the 200 the better car, and although I think the 197 is...
  17. pez1356

    Newb with a F1 R27 (+ a couple of VW's)

    All looks good matey! We def wana see the GSXR's too! (well I do anyway)
  18. pez1356

    Astra Vxr Or Clio 197. FAO 197 owners

    Clio +corners +NA +fun +cheap +looks (constantly getting people staring at mine and asking what it is and it's just a bog standard 56 plate 197 lol) -mpg -tunability Astra +straight line speed +tunability -turbo -cannot corner out the box -looks (imo) I know it's very easy to be biased. So...
  19. pez1356

    BBC Loses F1 to Sky Sports!!!

    I think that Sky coverage is second to none on pretty much every sport. I always choose to watch Sky coverage over the terrestrial channels for sports they both cover (champs league final for example). I think it's a good investment for Sky and can see why they've done it. I'm very glad that...
  20. pez1356

    Twingo Porn !!!!!!!

    Sooo clean. Very nice mate :thumbup1: