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  1. jaxx

    Going French for a third time....!

    Thanks chaps, certainly looking forward to it :)
  2. jaxx

    Going French for a third time....!

    Hello! I thought it be better to reintroduce myself on here! Been a member since 2009 but not posted since 2010 :p Heres my original thread... And i originally had a Albi Blue 200 with all the extras...
  3. jaxx

    Xbox 360 Wireless dongle alternative??

    Bite the bullet, break the bank, get a 360S :D Built in WiFi and doesnt sound like a 747 on full take-off thrust... and less chance of RROD :D
  4. jaxx

    Our Intake

    In what respect?
  5. jaxx

    That 197 engine is a tuff nut to crack.....

    The Clio doesnt "need" that amount of power. Massive power upgardes are for nubs who want to go fast in a straight line. The Clio is so capable at going round corners quickly, its miles more fun than worrying about scrapping .1 of a second of your 0-62 times. Id rather put the money...
  6. jaxx

    Progress of my LY 200 (NEW Additions 10/04)

    Exhaust sounds fantastic! Think im sold on what i want now :)
  7. jaxx

    Our Intake

    Cool beans :) Will speak to him soon, mite have an idea as he works with stuff totaling thousands of degrees so a bit of manifold heat should be an easy solution :D
  8. jaxx

    Piper flat spots

    Greg does your Supersprint system have the one "big" backbox or the two smaller ones? :)
  9. jaxx

    Our Intake

    I never realised the bit labelled "3" was there lol! Also... instead of mucking about trying to block or disable the accoustic valve... would it not be advatageous to extend a feed to the front of the car to enable it to gather colder air, rather than the pool of warm air it will be sitting...
  10. jaxx

    Xbox 360 Wireless dongle alternative??

    You mean to add wireless ability to an original 360 (white ones primarily) and not use the official MS one?
  11. jaxx

    Formula 1 2011 Season

    You forgot to mention its also in HD this year! :D
  12. jaxx


    Got to agree, Bose are total pish, some good and superior products metioned here though, perosnally i agree with BenW and would look at a pair of Sennys for that budget :)
  13. jaxx

    Virgin Media...any good?

    Moving in to my new house soon and im having Virign 50meg (with the future 100meg upgrade), TV+ and Phone installed, so ill report back with my initial thoughts when its plumbed in :)
  14. jaxx

    Renault Sport R3 Maxi mods

    Im more interested to know whats done to the Proton Neo S2000 rally car, as they seem to resemble the F4R and put out 280bhp! :D
  15. jaxx

    My new runabout car... whoops.

    Cool! I love how light and lively 205s are :D
  16. jaxx


    Some amazing tracks posted here. Im half concidering a "removable" sub and amp combo for the Clio, so it can be dropped when its time to go for a pootle round the countryside, but have some heavy bass (as the standard speakers are pants) while sitting in traffic on the way to work :)
  17. jaxx

    Things to do in Las Vegas??

    Go to "Discount Firearms" (, and play on their range! I managed to spend a grand in 6 hours lol but a 9mm (Glock 17) handgun rental and 200 rounds will cost you about $50
  18. jaxx

    Good and Bad news for our Ring Trip

    Stay in the citys.... I stay in Koblenz which is only a 25min drive, has fantastic restaurants, bars and nightclubs (for high quality German Techno), better than sat in the middle of nowhere with nothing to do lol :) Bonn isnt too far either, but thats not as lively as Koblenz
  19. jaxx

    Who has thought about their pension?

    Had a stakeholder pension with the bank for a few years now and been managing to plough a fair wedge into it over the past few years so its doing quite nicely :) Plus i dont intend to work a day past the age of 50 lol
  20. jaxx

    Cup Chassis VS no Cup Chassis

    It "makes" the car if you ask me... do you want a reasonably quick Clio or a road weapon... thats as much difference as i saw on the with or without debate :)