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  1. Paul

    Whats he moaning about.....LOL

    Sounds like a pile of crap, so artificial! Same problem with a lot of cars these days, seemingly anything with a flappy gearbox must have a fart any time there's a change in throttle position.
  2. Paul

    got a new motor today...

    Woooo!! Finally it's here, cannot wait to see this tomorrow!
  3. Paul

    AG 200, white alloys, M606 Chain Bar roundabout

    Saw you on Saturday as I was heading down the a58, looked good. :thumbsup:
  4. Paul

    Detailer in west yorkshire

    Thanks Roblynn1977, happy to help. Send a PM and we'll see what we can do
  5. Paul

    Photo Of The Month Chat

    Hellooooo, are you there Rob? Any progress?
  6. Paul

    Wireless OBD2 iphone apps

    Torque is a good app, although I've not used it for years
  7. Paul

    Ly 197 f1 near m606 halifax

    That'll be Mike... I've changed it back a dozen times LOL
  8. Paul

    2015 Forum Calendar Pictures

    Only 6 Gazeratti, I'm disappointed....
  9. Paul

    Ly 197 f1 near m606 halifax

    That would indeed be me, stuck behind some slow ass driver on Saturday. Liked the look of your 200 :D Oh and Roblynn1977, I've not used F1Team07 for about 3yrs LOL!
  10. Paul

    2015 Forum Calendar Pictures

    Thanks jostheboss
  11. Paul

    2015 Forum Calendar Pictures

    Only two proper photos I've taken of the Clio this year; P1110524 by psdickenson, on Flickr P1110534 by psdickenson, on Flickr
  12. Paul

    My LY R27 Progress Thread - YR APY

    Bit disappointed with myself that it has been two years since I last posted in this thread; Lot of miles covered with two trips to Le Mans and all over the UK too, but she is still going strong. New yellow 200 dials fitted; image by psdickenson, on Flickr Fitted some new KW V1s last month as...
  13. Paul

    Check Emissions warning with Akra?

    Haha you're right it isn't bad, still goes well, but it'll be sorted this week.
  14. Paul

    Check Emissions warning with Akra?

    Thanks all, think I've found the problem - ride height... I suspect I've knackered one of the sensors when I've come in/out of the carpark. I don't think it should look like that
  15. Paul

    Check Emissions warning with Akra?

    It's the Evo system so still has the pre cat which should be fine to pass emissions for MOT IIRC. Just find it odd that it was fine for so many miles but isn't now it's been sat for a week.
  16. Paul

    Check Emissions warning with Akra?

    Just picked the Clio up after a weeks holiday and the Check Emissions warning message is on the dash from start up and spanner light is lit up too. As it was 3am I had to drive home, checked again this morning and it's still on. Had a Akra exhaust fitted two weeks ago, so I suspect something...
  17. Paul

    Anyone else miss World Series by Renault?

    Yeah I do, was a very good event, both in the UK and abroad!
  18. Paul

    Powerflex bushes & engine mounts

    Looks really good Fernandez, it's great to see someone doing a proper offer on good products [emoji2]
  19. Paul

    Powerflex bushes & engine mounts

    Anyone know how easy/difficult it is to change the engine mounts?
  20. Paul

    AG200 - Halifax

    Keep seeing a rather nice AG around here. Would quite like to know what exhaust is in it too, sounds amazing!!