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    28mm wheel bolts

    Hi, was looking at buying some black wheel bolts to replace my rust coloured ones. Saw these on ebay but they say they're 28mm - As that seems to be slightly longer than what I've seen quoted for standard bolts will it cause an issue? Don't want to break...
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    Exhaust/silencer delete + Remap

    Hi, I've been thinking of getting a stainless exhaust for my Clio as the standard one sounds a bit too stealth/non existent to me. After looking on here and elsewhere online it seems that the exhaust does nothing for performance just a better sound so would it be better to get the centre...
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    Custom Exhaust Manchester

    Hi, been thinking of getting a new exhaust system as the OEM one doesn't sound very sporty. Just wondered if anyone knows anywhere in the Manchester area that would make a good custom exhaust as I'm guessing this would be cheaper than buying a brand name.