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    Radiator borked

    Incase anyone needs to know, The RS200 has a multi-exchanger which means the air conditioning gubbins are built in to the radiator so the cheap third party rads linked above are no good. If you have a Cup they will be fine. There are places that will repair for about £100, they will cut out...
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    Radiator borked

    oooh, voucher on my gives 30% off bringing the price down to £137
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    Radiator borked

    Hi all, Hope you can help me with some advice. I have an 2010 RS200, at some point on my way back from Gigrin farm to Bristol I sprung a leak in my radiator. Luckily it was very cold at the time so I saw the steam coming from under the bonnet before the engine got too hot. I was hoping for...
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    Cheddar Gorge Video

    Cheddar Gorge is in the Mendips, about an hour south west from Bristol.
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    Cheddar Gorge Video

    Thanks all :) I only have one camera, did four runs in total top to bottom before the battery ran out. It's not a chore though!
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    Cheddar Gorge Video

    Went for a nice drive up through Cheddar Gorge and made a video. This is not a hoon video so not particularly quick, it is pretty though :)
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    Landscapes and Wildlife thread

    I did an HDR. Im usually to impatient for landscapes, I shoot where I just happen to be. This shot I actually planned to be at the location at the right time for a change! Its Marloes Peninsula in Pembrokeshire.
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    New owners, few questions.

    Well that sounds sensible. Why the bloody hell did they put the cruise switch behind the hand brake on the 200? I even have an empty switch hole next to the Traction control!
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    Kit thread

    I've got a couple of yongnuo flashes and trigger, suprisingly good for the buttons they cost!
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    How mental was your thermometer today?

    The thermometer in the dash read out 42 degrees today! Actual temp was closer to 32 degrees. Any idea where the thermometer is? Is this the temperature in the cabin or is it just wildly inaccurate?
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    THE picture / take a drive thread. Lets have some fun !

    To be fair, I didn't expect jewlers to be so hard!
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    POTM - July!

    I've been there, my wife grew up just down the road in Carloway :)
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    What are you listening to in your Clio?

    Vertigo of Bliss by Biffy is one of my all time faves, I listen to rather a lot of 65DaysOfStatic, Unkle, Hybrid and The Jezzabels. I'm quite eclectic too.
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    197: Insurance dilemma

    I've used greenlight, would recommend. Not sure what the deal is with clios but got discount on my fiesta for being an STOC member. Worth mentioning you are in an owners club just in case.
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    THE picture / take a drive thread. Lets have some fun !

    There was a CSI van in sainsburys car park, They were in it eating a sandwich so I bottled it!