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    200T/220T buying advice

    I’m on the lookout for one of the above but I’m looking for a bit advice first. The car will be used on the road and track so won’t be too extreme but also won’t be standard. Is there any difference in the physical engine spec between the 200 and the 200? I know about the steering, suspension...
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    Brembo calipers rebuild and paint

    Can anyone give some suggestions on where to get this done. I have a set of Brembo calipers that I would like powder coating. They’re not damaged at all from how it drives but when they come apart for powder coating they might need seals, so I’d prefer someone who can supply and fit these where...
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    200 - grey

    On the A19 this morning. Chasing an ambulance to get ahead of the traffic that was moving out of the way. I hope you end up in one soon.
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    Good dealer experience: Harratts Wakefield/Pontefract

    Just been getting the missus a car from there. Got to say the service was amazing from start to finish.
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    Removing rear light cluster

    Yeah I know, it’s out of date. I did have a 197 but have a non sport mk4 now. I tried updating on a phone but I must have to log in on a desktop to do it.
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    Removing rear light cluster

    Thanks but that video is for a mk3.
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    Removing rear light cluster

    Is it simply a case of removing the 2 Torx screws on the inside then pulling backwards? I’ve undone the screws but the light unit still feels like it’s attached. When I pull I feel like I’m putting far too much force into it just to remove a light.
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    Clio 3 (2011) 1.2 16v engine fail

    There’s always the possibility of an object getting stuck and causing this. My first thing to check would be pulleys and tensioners. Although the belt is fine, it could be one of these that has caused the issue.
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    Front indicators

    I am talking about that very style of bulb but for a 200t (mk4) so they have a different bulb size in the front, PY24W.
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    Front indicators

    Has anyone changed their bulbs for silver or LED items? Struggling to find silver ones other than Phillips although they still have a lot of orange on them. I’d go for LED if anyone can recommend some that don’t show up an error code. Thanks
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    Advice and opinions needed

    If her car is repaired then can she deny knowledge of the accident? Or did you open the letter, ring the insurance, then tell them all about it?
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    New Clio 200

    I'm exhausted after reading that
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    Many Weird Issues (Please Help)

    Do you have access to a spare pedal to try from another car?
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    Meet proposal

    Between June and August is usually called July
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    Poor accident repair. Advice wanted

    Following a non fault accident you should be left in the same position as you were in prior to the accident so as said keep asking until it's sorted.