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  • Hi mate, never remapped as I figured it was a waste of money when I'd get a turbo car after the Clio. I was very close to getting an exhaust about 2/3 months before I got rid of it, but in the end thought I was best saving the money for the new car! Only cosmetic changes and a different panel filter :smile:

    The Megane is a nice change from the Clio; lots of low down torque so not needing to drive it like you've stolen it everywhere to get the best out of it. The build quality is so much better too and the interior is a very nice place to be. Not to mention how nice the recaros are! It's not as chuckable as the Clio, but the LSD makes it pull so fast through bends.
    That was a nice clio you had there mate. Did you ever remap it? Exhaust? Spring etc? Whats the megane like compared...?
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