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    Trafford Center - 16th October 2011

    Looks like a good meet guys, nice to see a good mix of Clio's & Meg's!! Great pics :thumbup:
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    Indycar death tonight.

    I've been reading about this this morning, its absolutely horrific. I'm glad he acheieved his dream before he died, the Brit did well to win the Indy 500 this year for a 2nd time and your thoughts really do go out to all involved.
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    R5 RYO - Big Breakfast Meet @ Malton

    Spotted you in the big car park opposite the workshop, nicest car in that section by a mile :thumbup: Saw your club stickers but didn't recognise the car...
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    Guess the car

    Good News... Is it a Dacia Duster?
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    Red 200, Halfords, Halifax

    Spotted just after lunch on Thursday, 61 plate and looked fresh from the dealers ... :drool:
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    Guess the car

    You really are the Sheldon Cooper of the Motoring world.... :p :hug:
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    Like. Really...?

    At work we come accross some really funny names, for example.. Mingy... .. Whatmuff ... U'Ming
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    Do we think....

    They are useless Mike we've been having problems with them since we moved in, sending ridiculously high bills through. They keep saying 'avtual' on them yet the meter is in the cellar and no one has ever been round ... We've had 3 final bills as we're trying get set up with npower, every time...
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    Nice one Roy! Being from Leeds I lost all faith in the round ball some time back, however, i can understand that sentiment!
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    What happened in Birmingham last night sounded a lot more violent than previous nights and proof if it was needed that the government need to put an end to this sooner rather than later.
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    This is the thing, they claim to be the deprived youth, but they're organising these outburst via their iPhones?!
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    Just saw this online and it made me laugh, observational comedy at its finest... "Apparently​ some people are blaming the compter game Grand Theft Auto for inspiring the violence and loooting. Now you mention it, my local jewelers was robbed yesterday and loads of rings were stolen, i...
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    What we need to do is phone Top Gear, get the address for that army warehouse, get ourselves some tanks and go sort this all out...
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    White 200 A1 North near Pontefract

    Spotted about 8.15 this morning near where BP is on the South bound?
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    I am an addict

    I love driving at the moment - I just dislike other drivers :@ Sounds like you've had an epic few weeks of late and I can't wait to read your write ups :)