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    2012 OzRenaultsport Nationals

    Here's a few more.
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    clio 200 on australian top gear

    As I said on OzRenaultSport, these are not serious tests, they are entertainment. I enjoyed seeing the 200 on TV, even if the now defunct Top Gear Australia was not a patch on the UK original, or even the US version. It was made on a shoestring and it shows.
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    overseas popularity of the 197/200

    That's true, although I tend to read the posts and check out the photos.
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    200: Best Motoring RS vs rivals

    Well I may be slow, but not a novice by any description. I'm just pointing out these things are not so cut and dried.
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    200: Best Motoring RS vs rivals

    I'd say not very much, if at all, based on my experience with a non cup 197, cup pack 200 and a data logger. I'm still to match the times I set in the 197 in my 200.
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    2011 OzRenaultsport Nationals

    I know those cars! The Saturday afternoon barbecue at the dealers was just Renault Sport porn. Shame I was so sick on Sunday, but its always good to catch up with the OzRenault Sport guys (and gals).
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    To Recaro or Not to Recaro?

    I have Recaros in my 200. The main issue is wear and tear, which I've hopefully addressed with a leather upgrade. I don't find my seat to high, I can wear a helmet and not touch the roof. But the passenger seat which is not height adjustable is difficult to get in and out of. They're not called...
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    RB 200 Shed

    Agree... :)
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    Gordini without easy access system?!?!

    In Australia we have a choice of two equipment levels for Clios. The 200 Cup, which is really the Clio 200 with the Cup pack. It does not have keyless entry. The other model is the Cup Trophee which does have keyless entry and Recaros among other minor things. Australian Gordinis were based...
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    Gordini without easy access system?!?!

    All Australian spec Gordinis do not have keyless entry.
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    Long Drive in a 200.

    Actually it was Adelaide to Goulburn. OzRenault Sport ( is an on line forum, much like this one. The Clio featured in the video was written off in an accident soon after its return to Adelaide and has been replaced by another Clio 200. And yes, he was very keen to get to...
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    Top speed?

    There's a lot of private roads in the UK :)
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    New member from Australia - RS200 20th Anniversary

    Welcome and congratulations..... Also all the way from Australia.
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    Off the scale!!

    According to my data logger, Renault Sport Clios regularly pull in excess of 1G on the track with road tyres, so I think 1.2G is not unusual.
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    RB or GW?