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  1. Marko81
  2. Jamal Elhaddad
    Jamal Elhaddad
    Clio 197 for sale, 2006 black, 46 thousand, service history! Excellent condition in & out. What app for Info & pictures. 07999653978
  3. cptclio3.666
    Need some help on a freeflow exhaust for my clio 3
  4. DrDx
    I've recently purchased an RS 220 Trophy & I'm loving it...
  5. nod
    which is best for track day the 197 or 200 cup
  6. sophialee97
    Does anyone know where I can purchase a new rear bumper diffuser for my MK3 Clio RS200?
  7. Gindyb
    Looking for a clean cup!!!
  8. MrBuurman
    Changing my 2.0 for a 2.0t
  9. turkie172
  10. Milan197
    Instagram : milan.197
  11. donsoliver
  12. Tarlen
    Looking for a non-Cup 200...
  13. richatron
    richatron krash67
    Hi, are you still loaning out the timing belt tools?
  14. Mart
    Winging it!
  15. VehicleOfChoice
  16. danboy007
    danboy007 Pav
    Hi, do you know if I can pay my membership without using PayPal? Thanks
  17. Jony197
    Picking my new 197 cup up on Tuesday :D
  18. VehicleOfChoice
    Whatever It Takes!
  19. Alan Nicholson
    Alan Nicholson Glenn_Adam_Doble
    Hi mate hope you dont't mind me contacting you, I am trying to find a spring kit for my 2010 clio 1.5 dci gt and noticed you had fitted eibachs, do you have a part number at all for the kit? my car had a broken standard spring,my local garage fitted 2 new springs but they are the wrong ones and it now sits about 2 inches above standard and.
  20. Bob 197
    Bob 197 Sherlock101
    Hi... did you take your clio to ARM AUTOMOTIVE and if so was he any good …. Thanks Bob

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