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  1. Jony197
    Picking my new 197 cup up on Tuesday :D
  2. VehicleOfChoice
    Whatever It Takes!
  3. Alan Nicholson
    Alan Nicholson Glenn_Adam_Doble
    Hi mate hope you dont't mind me contacting you, I am trying to find a spring kit for my 2010 clio 1.5 dci gt and noticed you had fitted eibachs, do you have a part number at all for the kit? my car had a broken standard spring,my local garage fitted 2 new springs but they are the wrong ones and it now sits about 2 inches above standard and.
  4. Bob 197
    Bob 197 Sherlock101
    Hi... did you take your clio to ARM AUTOMOTIVE and if so was he any good …. Thanks Bob
  5. Flames83
    Flames83 DavisRS197
    Hi mate

    Have you still got your alloys for sale? And what would you want for them? Cheers James
  6. dwill549
    dwill549 Chris
    Hi! My name is David Williams and I'm trying to reach the owner of this forum. Do you own this forum?


  7. Flyer0
    Flyer0 JamesS
    Hi James, I saw some old posts and found one where you said you’ve got Clip, I wonder if you could help me. I’m in Swaffham and I’ve got issues with my 197. It’s just had the belts done but it’s come back with the airbag and service lights on and ‘steering not locked’ message when I turn it off. Everything is running ok,nothing was done to the airbag system but the battery was disconnected during the work.
  8. Whizza
    Iooking for 20mm spacers.
  9. Seb
    Seb Danjenks
    Hello Dan,

    I know this might be a bit of a long shot but I have been looking for a Clio 200 Silverstone GP for some time and I just thought I would ask if you’d be interested in selling ? if so let me know at what price! I look forward to hearing from you soon. Kind regards, Seb
  10. Kelvinbrownn
    Have recently brought a 197 and trying to source the 200 rear diffuser! Any for sale? thanks
  11. Mez
    Mez Dave W
    Hey Dave, loving the profile pic, anymore pics of the car?
    1. Dave W
      Dave W
      Hi Mez, thanks very much. I'll see what I can dig out.
      Jan 2, 2019
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  12. mannors007
    mannors007 Scalino65
    Hi Will, please drop me a text or WhatsApp about the Clio, I’ll send you some imagines and info. Having trouble getting on this website for some reason

  13. harey
    harey Jimmy
    Hi Jimmy, I don't think my avatar has been updated with my November win. Any chance you could take a look? Really want to rub it in my brother's (@harespeed) face
    1. Jimmy likes this.
    2. Jimmy
      All done dude, apologies for the delay - my bad! Feel free to gloat away now ;)
      Dec 16, 2018
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  14. Sergio RS
  15. Ollie197
    Clio 197 Lux, based in Essex
  16. Sergio RS
    Sergio RS
    Glad to be here
  17. Sergio RS
    Sergio RS
    Hi from Barcelona
  18. Tom Earnshaw
    Tom Earnshaw
    RS200 hunting!
  19. C6UKE
    C6UKE fallen_angel_walks
    Do you still have the cams ??
  20. Scalino65
    Scalino65 rsevo
    Hello. I've sent you a PM about your 200 cup thats advertised for sale. Many thanks. WIll

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