Yiannis' Albi Blue R27.

Discussion in 'Projects/Progress Threads' started by Yiannis197, Jun 19, 2012.

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    Why is the date 2014 on the graphs?

    Torque is a bit mad!

    Whatever mate, bottom line here is it's done and you're happy with how it sounds and there is no droning. Weighed up between having a flat spot or not having the manifold, given what you've said, I think it's worked out ok in the end.

    Shame Paul couldn't get it mapped out though.

    Very much looking forward to a ride in it soon.

  2. Yiannis197

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    Clio R27
    2014 is when I initially mapped it mate and I guess he took the most recent run and added it there as an overlay:smile:

    A run is definitely on, and a trip to Wales of course:smile:
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    R27, ///M CS, Exige V6
    My brother has just bought (hopefully) a Civic Type R. So we're already thinking that him, you, did, me and Sim should do a proper run out in the summer. Some roads in Derbyshire, maybe Yorkshire, then head over to Wales for the good bits.
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    you guys should come over to kevin's playground for a real blast. :wink:
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    Clio R27
    This is great mate! I've never been in the new Civic, I'd love to see how that feels:smile:

    And you are so right Peter:smile: Maybe next year I ditch the Alps and do Spa and ring in one go:smile:
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    No no, FN2 mate, not a new one!
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  7. Yiannis197

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    Clio R27
  8. looking forward to. thx
  9. ///M

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    R27, ///M CS, Exige V6
    HA! It's his first ever proper car that's not just been a run about so he's going to absolutely love it!
  10. Yiannis197

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    Clio R27
    So I came back from the trip in Lake District and well...what a great place that is!

    I was dreading the traffic to, from and there during the Easter weekend but it wasn't bad at all. We set off Friday 5am and we returned this afternoon at 2pm. Weather on Friday was hit and miss with some nice sunny sessions, Saturday was incledibly good, Sunday was pants and today was decent.

    We drove almost everywhere apart from doing the basics ie trekking, visiting castles, rowing, distillery tours etc. Our base was at the east side of the lake and out itinerary was;

    Leaving M6 at J36 and heading towards our destination through A590, A5092, Austhwaite Brow pass, and A595 with stops in different little villages for coffee and pics. Note this, the whole A595 is an absolute bliss...

    We set off nice and early, A5086 and through Cockermouth we arrived and the lakes distillery, from there A66 till Ambleside for some mountain trekking and Windermere where we did a walkabout, food and absolute must viewpoint. From there we took the kirkstone pass to Ullswater lake up to Troutbeck where we joined the A66, stop at the St John's in the Vale church (what a beauty) and back home through Honister pass. We stopped at a pub for some local lamb in the middle of nowhere only to leave at 10 without lights...yeap, my front dipped lights packed up. Totally. So I drove on fog lights and main beam where I could. Not fun!

    Not this, Kirkstone pass is the best road I've driven in the country. Is is simply shocking. End of. Honister is also good but bumpy and tight.

    Weather was poo but that didn't stop us. We set off nice and early to exploit the day since we knew we had to go back before it goes dark (lights issue). From Bowerhouse Bank we went to Hardknott pass for the views. God the views are absolutely immense (not Alps but great nevertheless) but be aware, the pass is 30% steep lol so it's definitely not for driving but it's worth it for the views only. From there we joined the Wrynose pass, A593, B5285 down to lakeside (South Windermere) and up to Fell foot park for some rowing. Then at Windermere for food where we set off for Kendal, A6 to M6, off to J40 and A66 and then quickly home because...no light!

    Note this, the A6 part from Kendal to M6 J39 is stunning. No traffic, high sweep corners and tarmac to cry for. However to get your fix you'd have do the corners with 110mph and that would not be wise:smile:

    A595 is lovely so we did that all the way without shortcuts and up until we joined A590 and M6. From there back to London. After all the abuse and motorway driving (70mph) the car still returned 31.1 mpg! I think after the remap it's became more economical?

    All in a perfect trip where I had the chance to test the diff. Oh boy Oh boy, first of all, is there anyone in here who is running a gripper? If so, please remind me NOT to buy you a beer if we ever meet mainly because you haven't shared your experience with us.

    The diff is absolutely immense. Of course it requires the ESP to be switched off to operate but blimey the car has been transformed. First of all let's break 2 myths.

    A. The car torque steers with a plated diff.

    No it doesn't. Not at all. It's kind of "I'm slightly turning the wheel when the car spins without me realising this and the front end is religiously following this input and I'm confusing this with torque steer".

    B. The car is getting unsettled when the diff locks during hard or not cornering.

    Errrrr....what? lol to that. You go seriously early on the throttle, the diff locks and it literally pulls the front end on the apex when the rear is faithfully following. In fact, you have to be careful with your input because if it is bigger than necessary then the car will go straight on the Apex. This diff literally eliminates any existing understeer from the car, you brake and you then point and shoot, no need to wait. I tried my hardest to make the car understeer (under safe conditions of course) and it wouldn't have it. Can't wait for the next TD!

    In comparison to Quaife is day and night, Quaife is good for what is it, it works with ESP and it has its benefits however if you have an aggressive driving style Gripper is the way forwards. What a difference did it make and I'm kicking myself for not having it fitted earlier.

    Now some pics and videos:smile:

    EDIT. Hmmm, watching the video again I don't think it's public forum material so I'll remove it..

    33945686132_f6faa759a0_b.jpg DSC08246 by YiannisR27, on Flickr
    33945610222_3e83b76e5f_b.jpg DSC08196 by YiannisR27, on Flickr
    33260150174_6428fb659e_b.jpg DSC08202 by YiannisR27, on Flickr
    33260444754_c2b986d159_b.png DSC08312 by YiannisR27, on Flickr
    33972199411_b8fe7f6919_b.jpg DSC08267 by YiannisR27, on Flickr
    33260105724_5cd7689aca_b.jpg DSC08270 by YiannisR27, on Flickr
    33972166351_c4a854260b_b.jpg DSC08274 by YiannisR27, on Flickr
    33945328932_5550875705_b.jpg DSC08284 by YiannisR27, on Flickr
    34061369546_9d6bbb6505_b.jpg DSC08292 by YiannisR27, on Flickr
    34102392395_55950c6338_b.jpg DSC08326 by YiannisR27, on Flickr
    34061342056_706c820e2c_b.jpg DSC08317 by YiannisR27, on Flickr
    33717453920_6935299a07_b.jpg DSC08330 by YiannisR27, on Flickr
    33717451950_8e58694d04_b.jpg DSC08322 by YiannisR27, on Flickr
    34102350685_ec04fca46c_b.jpg DSC08352 by YiannisR27, on Flickr
    33290639063_771a49b357_b.jpg DSC08361 by YiannisR27, on Flickr
    34061218456_27334c7fa9_b.jpg DSC08360 by YiannisR27, on Flickr
    33290549273_1353875b44_b.jpg DSC08371 by YiannisR27, on Flickr
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  11. BenAG200

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    Nice set of pics and sounds a like great trip. Gripper had made it onto my wish list, my bank account is going to hate me even more after reading your feedback :weary:

    Gutted that the video had to go!
  12. RSPez

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    Storm grey Clio 200.
    Great write up there.
    Sounds like you have had a brilliant Easter weekend. Some great shots out in the middle of nowhere. We all love roads like that.
    The diff sounds like it makes it much more fun :smile:

  13. Johnny 99

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    Great post Yiannis! Kirkstone, Hardknott & Wrynose are great aren't they?! Glad you had fun.
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  14. Chris

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    Awesome write up Yiannis - great pics - would love to see that video, shame it's not forum friendly :worried:
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    Brilliant update mate. Really enjoyed reading that. Some really great photos and it sounds like you had a lot of fun up there. Some superb driving to be had in the lakes. Some of the best in the UK I think.
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    Great stuff as always Yiannis! Always been a massive fan of your car, looks great and those roads look something else!
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    Nice pics. The more I see yours the more I want to de-spoiler mine, and paint the handles/badges.
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  18. Jimmy

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    Great write up Yiannis, and equally good photos! Some stunning scenery up north isn't there!
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  19. Pav

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    albi blue 197 with boost
    you know how to make us all happy with your superb pictures..bet you had a good time in my neck of the woods:thumb:
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  20. Yiannis197

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    Clio R27
    Thanks guys, it was really great. I very much prefer a roadtrip to any trackday.

    However I really need to travel more within the UK, I can't believe I've been living in this country for 12 years and I hadn't been there all this time. A trip to North Wales is next for sure, and then Cornwall. Apparently some great drives there as well:smile:
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