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  1. Hi, going demon tweaks tmoz to collect my Miltek exhaust with decat, wanted to get an ITG induction at the same time but they don't have any in stock... They do how ever have a BMC CDA induction kit available which is still an enclosed unit, I have a clio 197 and am just after some feedback as what to go for...? And if anyone's got/know anyone running one...


  2. Apparenty that sort of induction kit isn't good for the car. Panel filter or v6 airbox meant to be best path to take mate.
  3. Open cone is good for sound. I had a K&N Apollo and there was a noticeable reduction in performance. With the added exhaust note, you maybe be better going with a performance panel filter for any gains
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    Just get a replacement filter element and save your money.
  5. ITG panel filter FTW!
  6. Already got ITG panel filter and just spotted ITG induction kit on eBay? Do I keep with panel filter or bid on ITG induction kit, or is this the same situation in the power reduction? Feed backs appreciated thanks! :smile:
  7. Its been said many a time that the Renault standard air-box is built and designed to quite a high standard.

    Generally adding a induction kit on its own, will not help with power. Even sometimes will decrease power.

    Only a V6 air-box (Which Renault do not make or can't get hold of any more) or Fernandez on this forum is currently designing a R3 box is worth the cash...

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    I have an itg maxogen, all i can say is the sound is mental proper meaty growl as soon as you plant your foot at any revs. I also have the milltek exhaust and i'm really happy with the perfromance and the sound, but as they were already fitted to the car i cant comment on the oem airbox, but there was someone on here that did get gains from the itg maxogen, but not a clue who, as it was a while back.

    Regardless mate its your car so you do what you want to do, at the end of the day keep the standard airbox, and if you dont like the maxogen you can always sell it afterwards, but anyone who hears my car says it sounds meaty as hell.

  9. Haha thanks guys, food for thought :smile:
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    I also recommend a remap after you've had the bits fitted to make the most of them.

    I've got a little sound clip, its not amazing as it was at night and on the phone, but you can notice the point the induction kicks in, then the milltek spits a lil flame as i change gear going by.

    I think you can only see the clip on a pc btw.

  11. The maxogen dose sound great i have one and sure it has not lost any power but a map in march will see,as for 5-6 BHP maybe after a map but be lucky.The price puts a lot of but if you can get one on ebay at a good price then go for it mate you only live once:thumbup:
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    Did the clip work? As on my phone it just comes up as a little blue square with a question mark inside
  13. no mate just blank
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    Are you on a pc though?

    Its worked before, uploaded with photobucket, just dont think it works on a phone
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  16. mine also sounds seriuosly meaty with the maxi,ktec cat back system and decat,taking the flexi neoprene hose off the end makes it sound even better,it made almost 190bhp with the wrong oil on the air filter (came with dessert/rally oil and i didn't realise) and on a very hot day at RS Tuning so i'm more than happy with mine,i will be changing it to one of the R3 airbox's that fernandez is making though as i think this is an even better option

    001 by scott1586, on Flickr
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    Heres mine


    Not really fussed about RR figures myself, as there all relative to the place you get it dyno'd, for me its how the car feels, and its a strong engine with plenty of kick after 5k, and with the roar im happy

    You running a CAF?
  18. Seriously tempted to get one of these!

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