200: Water leak (passenger door)

Discussion in 'Clio General Chat' started by Roshi69, Mar 23, 2017.

  1. Roshi69


    GW Clio 200 RS
    My door was running water through it as normal but in the end it was all down to a broken 'pop rivet' (the wee clips that push onto the metal holes on the door).

    The one above the speaker was snapped in half and turned out the water was somehow getting down the door as normal and slowly dripping through the broken clip and down into the carpet.

    Was the worst experience I've ever had with any car and turned out to be something so stupid, just glad I found it! The weeks of constant trying to dry and the smell is soul destroying.

    Definitely strip the door and check all the clips are intact and not broken. Also taking it off and putting it back on might correctly install some that may have not been properly popped in. When reinstalling just look where all the clips are and make sure you push hard on it.

    Hope you get sorted!

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  2. Roshi69


    GW Clio 200 RS
    Make sure you check all my posts and pics in this thread to see the testing etc I did to try speed your process cause I know I hated my situation and feel awful for you!

    I thought I had somewhere on the forum showing my broken clip etc and will try and find and post it later mate.

    Here's the guide I used to strip the door. It's very simple and the guide is perfect to follow. (Saved me a few times!)


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  3. wozz


    Clio mk 3 Tce tomtom 2012
    Thanks for the reply. Yes, weather has so far precluded taking off door card, but all the drain holes are clear.
    Water appears to drain out of the doors quite happily when the doors are opened, although as stated above there always seems to be more in the drivers door than the passengers. So water is stored in the doors when shut. Why would a designer allow such a system? Is it supposed to do that? I can't see any disadvantage to allowing the water to drain out of the drain holes in the doors over the sills to the outside.You drive through the pouring rain into your nice dry garage (sadly I don't have one), open the doors and a flood comes out. Seems odd to me, my previous Clio 2 never did that and it was dry for 17 years. Other cars may have such a system but I've never been in another car where water pours out of the bottom of the door when opened.
    That said you're right, the membrane is top of the suspects.
    Can anyone tell me what path the excess water from the scuttle takes if it can't drain?
  4. -Eddie-

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    As mentioned plenty of cars have the wet door design, though I do agree that it should ‘drain as you drive’ the fact that it doesn’t indicates a problem within the door I would imagine. I worked in a Skoda garage and the Skoda Rapid suffered badly from a seal issue on the rear doors where the door seal would cover the drain hole in the door, water would back up and swish around the door card.

    In answer to your question about where the excess water goes from the scuttle drain, usually it sits stagnant but if enough builds up it’ll find its way into either of the two front foot wells.

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