Screech when reversing

Discussion in 'Clio 200T Area' started by lewisflintham, Jul 14, 2017.

  1. lewisflintham

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    This is likely to be a long shot, but has anyone else had this?

    When reversing, normally in to a space, or parallel parking, I sometimes get a loud Screech, squeal, creak kind of noise from somewhere under the bonnet.

    Now, this is probably going to be a pain to diagnose, as it's intermittent. It seems more likely to happen in hot weather.

    Has anyone else ever heard this on their 200T?

    I had mentioned it to Renault a while back, but nothing ever came of it.


  2. NikosRS


    White 200t
    Had that myself not done it for a while though so just left it!

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