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    Welcome to Photo of the Month 2016

    There will be varying themes throughout the year for all members to participate in! Each theme will be announced on a month by month basis! The Winner of each month will have their photo displayed on the forum home page for the following month! They will also have a badge displaying their victory featured on their profile/avatar and also in their signature! Winning photos will also have a stronger possibility of being featured in next year's forum calendar!*

    Photos from all types of cameras are allowed (inc camera phones), as we want to encourage spontaneity with entries - and where themes are involved, sometimes it's the quick snaps that can yield the best results!

    *For any photo to be considered for the calendar, it must be taken in a high resolution. Final decisions are made by Admin/site staff.

    A few rules:

    • On entering, you are agreeing that your photos may be used in the site calendar.
    • You may only enter your pictures that you have taken, or pictures of your car with photographers permission! (IE: No google images!)
    • Only Renaults (preferably clios)
    • There will be an annual "Photo of the year"
    • One entry per person/per month (you can change your entry throughout the month if you want to enter a different picture)
    • Minor editing/enhancing only (this will be on a discretionary basis - this is not a photoshop competition, however there may be a theme for this)
    • If there is not enough entries - two months may be merged!

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