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Discussion in 'Gallery' started by MRizzle, May 3, 2016.

  1. MRizzle

    MRizzle Gold Member

    Aberdeen, Scotland
    Clio RS 200
    Just some iPhone photos for now because I didn't have any of my other cameras with me. I just love the colour though and the light was pretty good so I just thought I'd grab some photos anyway.






  2. Pav

    Pav Moderator

    albi blue 197 with boost
    happy as a bunny i guess..lovely motor...didnt know they came with parking sensors...good stuff..
  3. MRizzle

    MRizzle Gold Member

    Aberdeen, Scotland
    Clio RS 200
    It was mixed emotions saying goodbye to my J VXR but I think that I could really fall quite in love with this car. It's a fantastic package! 971CFAC5-1B12-44DB-BFF2-E7C5B8C4FA38_zpsqjjge6fs.jpg

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  4. Nejjam


    GW 200 cup chassis
    Nice colour racing blue. Would look nice with some speedlines on
  5. Beany

    Beany Platinum Member

    RB 200 cup
    Looks lovely!!!! Enjoy the new beast
  6. Johnny 99

    Johnny 99 Platinum Member

    Clio Renaultsport 200
    Looking good. Great colour. Enjoy.
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  7. Chris

    Chris Bad cop Administrator

    Great photos!
  8. Jimmy

    Jimmy Good cop Administrator

    Fantastic pictures and the colour looks stunning! Glad you're enjoying the car so far!
  9. MRizzle

    MRizzle Gold Member

    Aberdeen, Scotland
    Clio RS 200
    Thank you so much for your kind words and warm welcome everyone. The more time I'm in the car the more and more I like it! I suspect that I'm going to greatly enjoy my first Renault experience!

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  10. sevenfourate

    sevenfourate Devotee of OCD Paid Member

    Lowestoft, England.
    Racing Blue RS-200
    Nice 'mota' guvna.


    ENJOY :smile:
  11. jamesgw200

    jamesgw200 Paid Member

    Megane 275 Trophy
    looks great, what was the reason for selling the vxr? very nice looking cars.
  12. MRizzle

    MRizzle Gold Member

    Aberdeen, Scotland
    Clio RS 200
    A simply eye watering repair bill. Pretty much everything on the VXR is extremely expensive but the unique floating bell designed specifically for these cars by Brembo and the lack of alternative parts by other manufacturers means that you're completely restricted to using Brembo parts. One of the things that needed done on the VXR was the replacement of both brake discs. The cheapest that these can be sourced (independently) are about £419...each. It also needed a set of new brake pads (about £192), new wheel bearings (£110 + VAT each), the paint was flaking horribly all across the upper section of the bonnet (I'll find a picture) and required a front end respray which Vauxhall refused to accept liability for despite these cars being renowned for having serious paint issues and it was due a major service (around £400). Much of this I can't do myself and I was planning on selling in about 18 months time so it didn't make sense to do this myself and spend money I will never recoup. These cars have also depreciated far more than anyone anticipated, in large part due to the 0% finance offered by Vauxhall dealership, and so it has gone. It broke my heart though because I cannot tell you how much I loved this car!!!



    These were taken in July of last year and by last month the whole upper section of the bonnet was pretty much peeled similarly. It looked blooming awful!! I'm a keen detailer so this irked me massively!! Still loved it to pieces though, much to my wife's contempt, and I firmly believe that it's still the best looking hatchback on the market.
  13. chris1888-197


    sunny glasgow
    albi blue clio 197
    Hi mate, hope you enjoy the new car. Very clean example. You'll love the clio very fun cars to drive. That paintwork peeling like that is shocking! Really like the look of the vxr astra. How does the handling compare between the clio and the astra ?
  14. MRizzle

    MRizzle Gold Member

    Aberdeen, Scotland
    Clio RS 200
    Thanks [MENTION=4447]chris1888-197[/MENTION]. The handling is quite different in a number of ways; the Astra is a very heavy beast but has been equipped with a VERY effective LSD. It's so very different to the H in this regard so you can take the car into corners at pretty high speeds and actually accelerate through the corner with the LSD actually hugging you into the it. It actually rewards you the bolder you are and it's quite a thing to feel in action and it inspires a lot of confidence. It's also gifted with a huge amount of torque. This is fantastic for the ease in which you can access useable power so there's not quite the same need to work a gearbox as there is in some cars. However, this does also mean that you do have quite a significant amount of torque steer which can make the car quite twitchy, particularly on poor road surfaces (of which there are a bundle up my way). Also, tyre choice is really really important with the J and it eats front tyres. With the wrong tyres, it's hard to get the power down in the lower gears and will tramline into third gear. (Also expect to pay around £200+ per tyre for one of the choices that will actually lessen this trait considerably.) Mine had the aero kit which includes lovely 20" alloys but the car never felt like it was crashing over road surfaces, though it could be a little harsh for some on the VXR mode which also stiffens the suspension as well as increases the throttle response and weights the steering. It's really not bad though and the Recaros are superb so you're both supported and nursed by these. There is some noticeable turbo lag as you'd expect but this can be negated with a proper map. Genuinely though, it's a really really refined car which handles very well and delivers bucket loads of power in a very linear fashion, you'll be at three figures between glances at the speedometer and you'd never even realise it...and it never seems to run out of accelerating ability in any gear. It sounds freaking epic under hard acceleration (genuinely one of the most fantastic sounds you'll hear), it's a kind of roaring whooshing sound that I've never heard in another car. Really really loved the car...as you can probably tell!

    Comparatively, the Clio handles beautifully without the need for electronic wizardry like the J's LSD. I haven't had the Clio long enough yet to really test the boundaries but, in my experiences to date, the Clio has a beautifully balanced chassis. You can genuinely throw the car into corners at high speeds and the car really doesn't ever seem to become unbalanced. I already find myself cornering in higher gears in the Clio - this is because it'll handle it and i find that I can access the power easier on exiting. I realise that this sounds slightly backwards but that is my experience so far. In the J, gears 4 & 5 are, quite honestly, pointless if you are accelerating to legal limits quickly. You'll just hope from third to sixth every time. I guess it's got a lot to do with the gearing of the two being quite different. I find the lower gears much shorter in the Clio compared to the J. The engine is noticeably less refined but likes being revved harder and the power can be accessed easier (naturally aspirated vs turbo really) and it doesn't sound as nice as the VXR from the cabin which really is quite refined. Again, vehicle size will come into this as much as cost and sound deadening. The Clio's considerable loss in torque compared to the Astra is very noticeable going from one to the other. This isn't a slight on the Clio, just the reality. I am just trying to adapt my driving style and explore the limits of the car at the moment (in a safe and legal manner I should add). This has pros and cons, the biggest pro is a do not miss the torque steer of the VXR while in VXR mode on a rubbish surfaced B road!! Oddly perhaps, the Clios steering feels heavier than the VXRs. This is neither good nor bad really, just different. The gearbox on the Clio is absolutely lovely. Really nice quick changes are possible and the throws between gears is both short and satisfying. The throws in the VXR are longer than an Olympic sized swimming pool but these are immediately and quite cheaply tackled with the addition of an M Tech short shifter.

    I can answer any further questions you have on the two if you like, please just ask, and I hope that I've answered your question fully.


    (This is another picture of mine prior to some subtle mods)
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  15. CallorFold

    CallorFold Platinum Member

    Clio 220 Trophy
    VXR's do look lovely, my brother had the previous MK5 one and didn't experience any of those sort of costs for consumables. He did have the gearbox go bang though about a month before he was looking to get rid of it anyway - that cost him heavily and he ended up trading it in for about £1000 under the previous trade in value (garage took it off his hands with the dodgy box).

    The paint flake is appalling! Surely that should be covered under warranty....
  16. MRizzle

    MRizzle Gold Member

    Aberdeen, Scotland
    Clio RS 200
    The previous Astra VXR (the H) is still a good looking car. Yeah, I too had to take bit of a kicking on trade in but less than it would have cost me to put everything right so I can't really complain too bitterly. The cost of replacement parts isn't dreadful but the early versions of these were plagued with gearbox issues, largely because Vauxhall hadn't out enough oil in the boxes. A move that cost them far more in replacement boxes than it ever would have in oil!

    Yup [MENTION=52455]CallorFold[/MENTION], I would wholeheartedly agree, Vauxhall should have honoured a respray. Their get out was based on the fact that one authorised service centre had not rocked the box saying that a paint inspection had taken place. I didn't pick up on it on the time and still don't see that as a valid argument if the paint is clearly defective and a known issue. They actually withdrew the Arden Blue colour completely across the Astra range mid-production due to the number of claims and resprays but the paint is an issue across the model. Their dealings (or lack thereof) didn't endear the marque to me to be honest.
  17. skny


    Clio R27 Nimbus #1347
    Very nice RB, looks a well preserved example, congrats !
  18. LukeRS


    GW 200
    Nice RB, do like them on that colour. Nice write up in the VXR too, they do look great, shame about the issues.
  19. MRizzle

    MRizzle Gold Member

    Aberdeen, Scotland
    Clio RS 200
    So...I never really bonded with the car as I'd hoped I might and I replaced it a few weeks back. I'd still say that it was a cracking handling car and that it was most at home being driven hard round some B roads. On those types of roads it could keep easily keep up with (and even shame) many of the more "prestige" cars on the roads. However, we never really clicked and, in truth, it was always intended as a bit of a short term fix. This is largely why I wasn't active on the forum. I should imagine that the car will be up for sale shortly but it has been replaced by this.


    Keep up the great work with the forum and I wish you many happy miles of motoring. I left all my decals on the car and a little card for the forum in the manual so perhaps the new owner will find their way here in time.

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  20. Micah

    Micah Clumsy McButterfingers Moderator

    Clio 220 Trophy
    Ah! I wondered where you had got to. Very nice, and I know what you mean about bonding. I’ve gone to a Trophy and am much happier with Clio ownership. Be good if you hung around here, don’t be a stranger :smile:
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