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Discussion in 'New Members' started by NickW, Jul 17, 2017.

  1. NickW

    NickW Paid Member

    Clio 200
    Hi guys. I've been a member on Cliosport for some years now having owned a 182 a little while back. Bought a 200 a year ago but for some reason didn't really know about this forum and how good it was. Joined and paid for membership this morning.

    The 200 is a full fat model in Albi Blue with the cup chassis, cup wing and Recaro seats. It is in fantastic condition inside and out. It had a few modifications when I bought it. Uprated RARB, Ferodo DS2500 pads, Ktex grooved discs etc, also has had the centre exhaust silencer and one of the cats removed.
    In my ownership I have replaced the slightly worn drivers seat base for a brand new one and fitted a set of matt black Oz Ultraleggeras with Yoko AD08R's on.

    I've recently been tempted away to get something else. The main reason for this is the 3 doors and the noise which can get a little tiresome on long journeys. This isn't really a massive problem as its the second car (Partner has an S Max 2.5t - brilliant), but sometimes I wish it were a little quieter when cruising. I already have 2 kids but we are planning on a baby in the next 12 months or so I started to look at Focus St's.
    Saw a lovely Mountune 260 example nearby so went to test drive it. Stunning to look at, amazingly clean inside and out and clearly much better built than the Clio, also fast in a straight line, however, what turned me off was the lack of fun in the bends. Felt really really sloppy in comparison and whereas I can go into any corner at pretty much any speed I want in the Clio, the Focus felt very on the edge in comparison.

    I've been fortunate enough to own a lot of decent fast cars - WRX, STI, vRS, Type R, etc etc, but the 200 is in a different league for fun. Nothing comes close.

    So...I've decided that I'm definitely keeping the Clio and the baby will have to learn to walk straight away!! I intend to do further mods to make it the car I really want. Any advice on the following would be much appreciated.

    Steering Wheel refurbed by Snappy on Cliosport forum for half leather - half alcantara.
    Gear stick gaiter refurbed in Alcantara.
    Headhunt changed for a decent bluetooth DAB set.
    Speakers front and rear changed.
    Exhaust - want something that sounds nuts when giving it he beans but nice and quiet(ish) when cruising.
    Eibach or H&R springs just to lower a tad - don't want to ruin the ride quality though.
    Tempted by an ITG Maxogen - sen the thread on here where it gave 6bhp more and had one previously so know the build quality is excellent.
    Remap - Looking to use the DIY RSTuner kit. Had it on my 182 and couldn't rate it highly enough. My main issue with standard is the cold start kangarooing, I hate it. The flat spot isn't an issue as I'm always higher up the rev range and didn't even know it was there until I read about it the other day.

    Thats the list for now, I'm sure there are plenty more you guys will suggest. I'll leave you with a few pics of how the car is now and just one of the 182 which I loved.




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  2. Sean197

    Sean197 RIP Albi :( Moderator

    Fife, Scotland
    Albi 197T - RIP, MK7 Golf GTD Sports Wagon
    Best colour :french:
    Quite a few on here have the mods you're after, so there should be plenty of opinions for you to think about.
  3. peter

    peter POTM Winner - February 2017 Gold Member

    b e l g i u m
    RB7 #166
    looks like you've bought a fine example. congrats.

    eibach it is then.

    always wondered why there's not more clio's on here fitted with these. seems a quality kit. too bad only in RHD.
  4. Antti O

    Antti O Paid Member

    Mikkeli, Finland
    Clio 197 Ultra red 2007
    How about standard exhaust, it helps if it is too loud?
    Great car, i like it lot :smile:
  5. Jimmy

    Jimmy Good cop Administrator

    Great introduction, welcome to the forum Nick. High praise for the 200, considering the cars you've owned in the past :wink:

    Quite a few people on here have the Scorpion exhaust (both res and non-). Pretty civilised round town, but sounds great when the beans are given :smile:. If your budget stretches to it (get the baby second-hand clothes as well as making it walk :smiley: ) go for an Akra - ticks a lot of boxes apparently!
  6. NickW

    NickW Paid Member

    Clio 200
    Thanks for the advice so far. Ref the exhaust, I love the way mine sounds at full chat, but it annoys me at low to mid revs. Therefore I don't think the standard exhaust would be loud enough.
    I think it will have to be the Akra to be honest. Need to start saving.
  7. nutnutwelshman

    nutnutwelshman Gold Member

    Best colour my favourite and welcome to the Family enjoy
  8. matt9566

    matt9566 Paid Member

    Ultra Red R27 #91
    Welcome to the forum! Both the 182 and 200 look like great cars - Albi Blue is one of my favourite colours!

    Save and buy an Akra - It's perfect for what you're looking for or if you don't want to wait or spend the money a Resonated Scorpion or Milltek would be more than up to the job @Dystant has one for sale at a great price in the for sale section. Looking forward to more pictures
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  9. ///M

    ///M Gold Member

    R27, ///M CS, Exige V6
    Welcome. As above, both look great. Especially like that last photo from the front. Looks very purposeful! Ultraleggera are just so perfect on the Clio.

    Exhaust, Akra if you can stretch to it. Absolutely love ours. Well behaved when you need it to be, old school rally car when you want a bit of noise but still not as loud as some.

    If you're anywhere near north London, I'll happily take you out in ours so you can see what you think.
  10. NickW

    NickW Paid Member

    Clio 200
    Thanks, unfortunately I'm down in Devon!
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  11. Big Ben

    Big Ben Winner - POTM February 2018 Paid Member

    Welcome Nick. Great introduction bud.

    Albi is such a great colour:grinning:

    Plenty of options for you to mull over. I've got a cat back Scorpion and love it. A good balance between race car and civilised!

    Keep us all posted on what you go for
  12. sevenfourate

    sevenfourate Devotee of OCD Paid Member

    Lowestoft, England.
    Racing Blue RS-200
    Welcome aboard, nice intro....and lovely 200 Nick :smile:

    Enjoy your stay here with the rest of the Diamond-loving loonies........
  13. NickW

    NickW Paid Member

    Clio 200
    Thanks for the kind words guys. Plenty to mull over so far.
  14. Pav

    Pav Moderator

    albi blue 197 with boost
    welcome along..looks like you know your cars then..they are great fun..if you look after her,she will make sure you are driving along with the biggest smile!!
  15. Foxspeed

    Foxspeed "the new red baron" Moderator

  16. NickW

    NickW Paid Member

    Clio 200
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  17. Antti O

    Antti O Paid Member

    Mikkeli, Finland
    Clio 197 Ultra red 2007
    Akrapovic evo system is really good when you drive normally in highway. Not too loud.
    I had it my Gordini 200. It sounds awesome when rev if you like loud sound.
    I personally prefer oem exhaust.

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