Neela the MX5 - Track/Weekend toy/project

Discussion in 'Projects & Progress' started by Robo_#1, Apr 14, 2014.

  1. nutnutwelshman

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    Great looking car [MENTION=17]rob[/MENTION]o#1
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  2. Yiannis197

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    I've just seen this thread! Nice one Rob, this is some cheap fun going on here:smile: Love the roll bar:wink:
  3. Thanks Yiannis! Yeah it's a good laugh, and everything is super cheap compared to the 197, which just adds to the fun because you worry less, spend less, and buy more. Good suspension can be had for ~£600, full set of NS2R <£300 fitted, Willwood big brake kits (including calipers) ~£600. God bless the worlds most popular 2seat sports car and the economies of scale :smiley:
  4. Nice bit of rear wheel drive fun! Good to see your enjoying it Rob.
  5. You'd know all about that these days Mark :wink:
  6. He'll yeah mate!!

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