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  1. TB Rich

    TB Rich Paid Member

    Clio 200
    64mm TB mounted on spare inlet, oddly it's off centre compared to the Renault unit - would have thought an even 1mm all the way around! But not much material to remove from the inlet and fortunately the other side is flush.
    Just need to now mount it on the car and confirm the wiring works - then I can get the whole lot ported as one.

    I am a bit on the fence though as to using this BMW one or buying a 64mm ported Clio one :\

    An advantage to using BMW Vs. ported Clio 64mm TB; to replace a Clio unit it's £120 on eBay for the ported 64mm item, and no guarantee the machining is good/butterfly is secure etc (probably no real concerns there though tbh). Whereas replacements for this BMW item though will be £20-£30 and def no concerns with manufacturing. ?? Would probably want the butterfly knife edging on the BMW while it's all being done.

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  2. TB Rich

    TB Rich Paid Member

    Clio 200
    Things have happened! I have managed to spend more than 15mins on it this weekend and the suspension is basically done, including replacing both wishbones. Wasn't originally intending to do those, but I may or may not have bust a ball joint taking the first side apart :wink: So I thought best to do both given they are bushings.

    So physically it's all in and much of it is torqued already, still a few bits left to torque but the hold up now will be taking the lower rad support off to be powder coated. It's a bit shitty to say the least.
    Also still waiting for some zinc plated HT bolts to replace the crap ones that came with the Compbrake mounts, so temporairly using the oem ones for now.

    Few pics along the way:


    After that it'll be time to cut the bonnet up for the vent. I've made the lower airbox template now too, so will cut that out of carbon when it arrives. Won't take long to do the sides and put some edging on those to seal against the bonnet - then I can get the bumper on and take it for a geo :smile:

    Feel like I need some 197 mirrors too, the size of those 200's is a bit crazy!
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  3. Chris

    Chris Bad cop Administrator

  4. TB Rich

    TB Rich Paid Member

    Clio 200
    Cheers, I've actually really enjoyed working on it this time - the difference a bit of decent weather makes to the whole process is unreal.
    Never know, I might even start enjoying the washing process this year! As it won't be used daily it'll stay cleaner for longer and won't make the whole process feel like pissing in the wind :smiley:
  5. sevenfourate

    sevenfourate Devotee of OCD Paid Member

    Lowestoft, England.
    Racing Blue RS-200
    Lovely isnt it Rich. Light at 6am - light until 6.15pm. And the clocks change in a couple of weeks :smile:

    I can imagine getting under a car in the cold / wet / rain is about as appealing as raw tripe. Still - all for a reason and summer enjoyment hey.....

    I'm guessing your vent isnt actually going where its positioned in the picture ? Your making a feed to go under the vent to your airbox to by the sounds of it ? Sounds cool :smile: No pun intended.........
  6. tombate911

    tombate911 Paid Member

    2010 Clio RS200
    Great update! Good to see things coming along in this thread again. I did exactly the same with the ball joint last week when splitting mine.
    Nice to see the top mounts fitted with the OEM mount bolts. Looks really neat!
  7. TB Rich

    TB Rich Paid Member

    Clio 200
    Haha, yeah I'd take raw tripe I think over cold outdoor spannering :dizzy:

    The vent is going there though, remember my cone sits above a small battery on the V6 inlet hose, so will have a good supply of air where it is - with the sheilds basically just fending off any hot air to the engine side of it and rear.


    Will be fed from the top by the vent, and by the usual pipe that runs from the left.

    When I get around to putting the ECU in the car, then I have room for a custom header tank there - which means I can then drill out the slam like the R3 Maxi does and have a central feed too. - If I don't like the vent I'll at that point put my other LY bonnet on, if I like the vent then it stays :wink:!

    I've got some cap head 10.9 zinc plated HT bolts coming, in 20 and 25mm lengths. Plus some A4 stainless washers, in 20/25/30/35mm sizes. - OEM are roughly 25mm bolts and 30mm washers, so likely use those - and they'll look just as above only shiny! Which is totally pointless as the top mount covers and scuttle will hide it all :smile:

    Also going to grab some WD40 Silicone lube, don't want the alloy to strip when torquing the bolts. At the moment with the old bolts they are feeling quite stiff in the threads and a couple are not even down fully.
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  8. Pav

    Pav Moderator

    albi blue 197 with boost
    as always..proper update Rich..happy with the suspension??
  9. TB Rich

    TB Rich Paid Member

    Clio 200
    We'll see when I drive it! :smile: I deliberated long enough so hoping it'll meet my expectations as the best road/track compromise. Worst case is run if for a while and then send to Madeno for customising, but I very much doubt it'll come to that.

    Tried to swap the anti-rotation links to the new wishbones, the impact wrench wouldn't loosen it - not sure if it should have or not really, as of course the centre spins on them. So I resorted to the manual method of Torx T40 and ring spanner.....well I've obv been hitting the protein shakes too hard lol...

    Just ordered 2 more anti-roll links as easiest way around that problem!
  10. krash67

    krash67 Paid Member

    Lincolnshire, UK
    BMW 140i & fecking around with a 200

    Originals never come out unless with a angle grinder.
  11. TB Rich

    TB Rich Paid Member

    Clio 200
    Thanks, hopefully I'll not need do them again in a hurry. The hub side end came out with the impact gun no problem, but I guess the wishbone end sees more shit and has just seized completely.

    Still can't believe I snapped the T40 in it, was a pretty big spark from something when it happened! It was a Halfords Advanced 3/8" bit, so need to drop by and claim on their lifetime warranty!
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  12. TB Rich

    TB Rich Paid Member

    Clio 200
    It's so close now...drove it about 2 meters fowards and back just to settle the suspension!

    Replaced the anti-rotation links:

    Replaced the top mount bolts with Zinc plated 10.9 HT bolts, and 30mm A4 stainless washers:

    Wheels on and on the deck:

    Think it needs the front down a few mm to add some rake but otherwise it's quite close to where it needs to be.

    Also at long last got the lambda swapped......! So the thing that started it all off probably 4 months ago has been achieved :smiley:

    List of jobs finally looking smaller:
    • Get rad cross member back from powder coaters and fitted
    • Torque hub nuts
    • Finish the side template pieces to the airbox
    • Front bumper back on
    • Set ride height
    • Build airbox
    • Chop bonnet
    • Geo car
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  13. krash67

    krash67 Paid Member

    Lincolnshire, UK
    BMW 140i & fecking around with a 200
    Looking good, be interested to see what Geo your going for, especially at the rear. I've fully removed the rear axle and going over everything as well as fitting coilers, so I'm at a ideal place for shimming so be interested to hear yours.
  14. TB Rich

    TB Rich Paid Member

    Clio 200
    Will go conservative to start with and dial in from there, needs to work road based tyres (AD08R, Cup2 etc) effectively on and off the circuit - and on a variety of surfaces and temps/weather of course.
    This car isn't about building a track special and nor do I want to spend my time at the track monitoring tyre temps, changing camber, pressures, damping etc! Which had I spent 2k on adjustable AST's I'd have felt compelled to do (yes this is therapy for justifying to myself for not buying them :tearsofjoy: - but I still think I made the right decision..........just!)

    I reckon to start with I'll do close to the following:

    • Camber: -1.5
    • Caster: +6.5
    • Toe: -0.10 (-0.20 total)
    Rear: (assuming beam straight - which they never are! Will leave stock for now until after track testing and shim to suit, or even just shim to fully straighten it)
    • Camber: -1.33
    • Toe: Total +0.31

    I drove the car properly/ish yesterday too, on the road between a couple of roundabouts. I had forgotten the pure savagery of the thing! I didn't have the rad support on so only did about 5mph around the 2 roundabouts as didn't want to risk it dropping and spitting coolant everywhere. But gave it a boot-full once straightened up :smilingimp:
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  15. TB Rich

    TB Rich Paid Member

    Clio 200
    Been almost 2 weeks but the support is now back from shot blasting and powder coating, far too nice I don't want to put it on! And that means I can get everything structural now done to the car for some ghetto bumper off driving (still need the bumper off for the heat shields and not all the carbon is here yet).


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  16. VolumeX


    Clio mk3 197 & 200 20th
    Wow some real awesome progress! Looks exciting, keep us in the loop as always!
  17. LukeRS


    GW 200
    Great to see the detailed updates, thanks.
  18. TB Rich

    TB Rich Paid Member

    Clio 200
    Been slowly plodding along doing stuff and things on the car, and the air filter heat shields are 99% done now. Enough that I can get the bumper back on as I no longer need the visibility that was giving me!
    So tomorrow should see the bumper and inner arches re-installed, and then I can book a geo :smile:

    Took quite a lot of thought and process to get it all installed, and in such a way that can be done that allows some serviceablity to the car etc.

    Rivnut tool I bought has been amazing, this one is installed into the battery tray:

    Then I built a [ shapped bracket, with another Rivnut in the top of that:

    That gave me a central fixing for the base of the carbon, the front is fixed in a groove on the front of the battery bracket. I used a 2-part bonding to secure an 'L' shape to the edge, forgot to take a pic but you can see here how the front edge slips into it: (also got 3 rivnuts in the base plate).

    The side edges were built with an 'L' angle of carbon, epoxied to more sheet. Then the rear lined with gold DEI tape:

    And installed in the bay with the bonnet sealing top strip etc:

    Also covered the V6 induction hose in tape, for what little it may add!

    Need a new filter as that's seen better days, but overall not too shabby. - Could do with adding a piece to slot in to the top edge seal to make more of an O rather than a U for the hose cut out. Being picky I don't like the jumbo twill pattern on the base of the carbon. But as it's all 100% pre-preg carbon with no FG, so given the cost it'll have to stay. And also tbh I'm done with bloody carbon for a while! Horrible stuff to cut and work with because of all the dust, which you need to mask up for etc.

    Anyway with the carbon Evo vent sat right above the filter, will be sweet setup :smile:
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  19. krash67

    krash67 Paid Member

    Lincolnshire, UK
    BMW 140i & fecking around with a 200
    Just simply lovely
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  20. Christopher

    Christopher Paid Member

    200 Clubsport
    Looks great! Some really good thinking regarding that inlet setup.

    Couldn't help but notice that your front tyres are running the wrong way around though. The AD08R is directional.
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