Liquid Yellow + Akrapovic

Discussion in 'Projects & Progress' started by pu11y, Apr 3, 2016.

  1. Maybe not what you were expecting, but I've got a (very small) bike to supplement the clio...


  2. DS197

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    Clio 197
    Very nice mate! Love those Honda Groms. Want one even more now after looking at yours :smiley:
  3. Chris

    Chris Bad cop Administrator

  4. Cheers! So much fun, and cheaper and easier to modify than a clio!
  5. Starlet_GT


    south wales
    nimbus clio 197
  6. Indeed matey
  7. Starlet_GT


    south wales
    nimbus clio 197
    What's it like?? I quite fancy one as a run around for work rather than using my sv.
  8. It's my first bike mate, so I've got limited experience to judge it on. It's so much fun though and very cheap to run! Good for filtering if you work in the city and just about fast enough to keep up with traffic elsewhere.
  9. Antti O

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    Mikkeli, Finland
    Clio 197 Ultra red 2007
    How you see anything from rear window without rear wiper when it rains?
  10. Easy enough mate. It's coated with water repellant.
  11. N0ddie

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    Mini JCW
    I'd love a Grom but only allowed 1 bike (Ducati Scrambler). Was a challenge being allowed to get my bike licence last year so don't wanna push my luck with the Mrs lol.
  12. Sounds like your line up is doing alright. I'm sure you could sneak a Grom in though.
  13. N0ddie

    N0ddie Platinum Member

    Mini JCW
    Not quite liquid yellow but hey:

  14. Nice mate!
  15. The Grom had its first service today, road for four hours in total to get there and back!

    They lent me their demo bike; think I'll stick with yellow personally.

  16. This is not much of a project thread I accept, but here is how it's looking currently... 26dd41fa7662c6b299242fd7dafcc820.jpg



  17. N0ddie

    N0ddie Platinum Member

    Mini JCW
    I joined the Akrapovic club with the new bike last week. Bike is a Yamaha MT-09 with the Akrapovic carbon system. Sounds amazing.

  18. Nice bike @N0ddie. It been on here for so long, had a problem with tapatalk and gave up. Nothing new on the car, although an MT07 on the cards if I pass my test.

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  19. Reason I'm back, who know the product code for the connectors to I stall the renualt mats? Cheers!

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  20. Dystant

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    Clio 200 CUP

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