I'm Engaged!!

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Robo_#1, Nov 1, 2011.

  1. Well I finally got around to it!

    Me and the GF have known each other now for about 7 years and so while we were in Vegas this month I booked a restaurant and asked the big question. :bounce1:

    (made that sound simple, it was actually 10months of hell, hiding bank statements while saving up, redirected post, and putting deposits on TWO rings before picking the one I liked most lol!)

    So I thought I'd share it with Clio197/200.net!

    I'm over the moon, but Lois is planning the wedding for 2013 already and I need to start saving!

    On a plus note it looks like we'll keep the Clio for a while now rather than swapping it, so I'm thinking of treating the old girl to a new spoiler and touching up some of the cosmetics (the car not the Fiancé!)
  2. Joking aside though, well done mate. I trust we all get a wedding invite? :smile:
  3. Yeah sure why not! Were up to what 3414 members now? I'll let the her indoors know so she can get the table plan ready...

    (can you imagine the car park lol!)
  4. Haha! Yes! And we'll clearly need a french stripper!
  5. Emz


    Ultra Red RenaultSport Clio 197
  6. Roy

    Roy clio197.net legend

    :shout: you must be mad

    Na not really.wish you all the best mate for the future
  7. Might be a bit ambition for the wedding but I'm game for that on the stag lol. What's French for "take it off!" ?
  8. Thanks :smile:

    And yes Roy I am mad, but so is she so that's ok :wink:
  9. Rogue

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    Congrat. Hope your not supersticius....2013...unlucky year! ;-)
  10. Fernandez

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    Ches Vegas
    Project Lotus is go
    Congratulations Robbo, guesting you'll be using the clio as your wedding car... ;-)

  11. Not in the slightest, but thanks for pointing that out lol

    of course, I get a rash if I go in anything non-RS anyway...
  12. Fernandez

    Fernandez Gold Member

    Ches Vegas
    Project Lotus is go
    I got the photographer to get some snaps of us with the clio for the wedding album, missus thought I was mental... Lol
  13. :rofl:

    That's dedication!

    I think if we used the Clio for anything I'd be scared it'd break down! (not that that ever happens :001_rolleyes:smile:
  14. Well done Rob, Cograts to you both.
    Your either a very brave man or just given up...

    ....only joking fella. :thumbup:
  15. jase

    jase Founder Platinum Member

    Think at least site staff should get an invite to the after party :wink:
  16. **** son!! i thought i was bad just buying a house together, your in too deep!!
  17. Graeme, I'm ****ed mate I really am lol!

    We bought the Clio together!

    I bought my first place 2.5 years ago now and she moved straight in haha. Once she's finished Uni were looking to get a bigger place between the two of us and rent out the flat (mortgage permitting).

    A lad I work with bought a place with his GF when I bought mine, and they've just split, leaving him with a place on his own and all the bills to cough up for, nightmare!
  18. Arran

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    Me and my missus got engaged last year after being together for 6 years. We're still going strong, but haven't planned the wedding yet. We're aiming to save as much as we can as of next year, get a house and then get married.
  19. Nice one Arran,

    I wasn't sure how long we'd wait to get married. But Lois wants to do things the old fashioned way and get married before we go having any kids etc. But this way we can (this sounds horrible, but done for the best reasons) make the day about us, and plan a proper honeymoon etc without having to try and cater for kids or leave them behind or leave them with In-laws if/when we were to go away. It also means our bills are still cheap at the moment making saving up a more realistic option.

    Now all we have to do is work it around, a mortgage, saving up for another deposit, and increasing student debt.... Ah the realities of life lol!

    Now where did I put my lottery ticket?

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