Has anyone replaced standard lights with optic lights

Discussion in 'Body Work and Exterior Lights' started by Mr Sheep, Nov 3, 2009.

  1. I want to just get the renault ones black faced optic, not cornering or xenon.

    Do they direct fit for the chrome ones? Has anyone done this

  2. these ones ...renault oe

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  3. Yeah I've changed mine, they are a straight swap
  4. great, are yours cornering but with the function not working?
  5. Correct, the wiring isn't in place for the cornering to work

    It looks soooo much better.

    I paid £210 for mine, plus the place bought my old ones for £60 :smile:

    Four Ashes Renault in Cannock.
  6. ok cheers mate, got some for £150 but no swap on lights so decent price.

    did you take off the bumper to fit them?
  7. I got them to fit them for £40 or so, but yep, it's a bumper off job I'm afraid.
  8. shish ok thanks

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