GoPro SD Card Recommendations?

Discussion in 'Photography' started by BenAG200, Apr 24, 2017.

  1. BenAG200

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    Can anyone recommend a good SD card for use in GoPro? I got the winning bid on a Hero 5 Black at the weekend so now on the hunt. Will mainly be used in the car so I'm ideally looking for as much storage as possible and the ability to record 4k at 30fps without interruption.

    I've read a few good articles online but not found anything consistent in terms of recommendations, so hoping someone on here can recommend something they've used. Below is one I'm currently looking at.

  2. tcw


    Clio 197
    Sandisk do an extreme pro range, I imagine they will be sufficient for your needs. I would consider getting two 64gb over a 128gb just to avoid the all your eggs in one basket problem.

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  3. BenAG200

    BenAG200 Paid Member

    Thanks @tcw saw the extreme range and the 128GB was pretty high price wise, 64GB was reasonable from memory so might go with one of those.
  4. Helpimonfire

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    I only use Sandisk or Samsung Evo SD cards. My buddy who runs several GoPros swears by his Sandisk cards and they take a hammering. If I'm honest (and this is only my opinion) I'd be recording at 1080@60fps or higher if the Hero 5 will do it. The majority of people won't be running 4k screens and I believe editing in 4k takes an absolute monster of a PC but I could be wrong.
  5. BenAG200

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    I bought the 64GB Sandisk Extreme in the end. Works well and the Mac seems to be ok handling 4k at 30fps, very slow copying off the card to laptop and to external hard drive but editing seems ok. Cheers for the recommendations guys.

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