Front Seat / Front Seat Leather Cover Clio 3 GT 1.6

Discussion in 'Interior and Audio' started by Andrei14, Aug 18, 2017.

  1. Andrei14


    Renault Clio 3 GT 1.6
    I really like my car (Clio 3 GT 1.6) and that's why i try to make to look as good as possible.
    I need a front seat or just the leather cover of front seat from a GT model. Mine is really used and i dont like it.
    Where i can found one to buy?

  2. link

    link Gold Member

    Clio 197 RB
    You could try a few local scrap yards or fleebay, you might get lucky but being leather I'm guessing it was an option so might be pretty rare?

    Otherwise you could look at getting your seat retrimmed, try edge automotive etc.

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