For anyone that's hesitating about getting their silencer removed...

Discussion in 'Engine, Gearbox, Exhaust and Air Intake' started by Ryster, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. Ryster

    Ryster Paid Member

    Black 200
    Don't. Just get it done.

    Had mine done this morning after watching videos and thinking it sounded very tinny. Was very apprehensive about getting it done, worried about flatspots, it sounding crap.

    Well it doesn't, and I'm quite surprised. I was booked in this morning and considered not going but just went for it. It doesn't sound half as tinny as it does on the videos on YouTube and the pop on every gearchange is brilliant.
    The flatspot is noticeable, but I tend to sit in 3rd gear at 30mph so I've only noticed it once so far, and it really didn't bother me.

    for £66, or whatever it will cost you, get it done. Great cheap mod and I'm pleasantly surprised. Even my missus said it sounds ok and she hated my Mountuned Fiesta that popped like a machine gun!

  2. Chris

    Chris Bad cop Administrator

    Meh I hesitated, in the end I went for a full system, which I think is the right decision.
  3. Ryster

    Ryster Paid Member

    Black 200

    i wouldn't disagree, my choice was partially dictated to
    me by the fact I'm not sure how long I will have the 200 so £400 on an exhaust to then take off in a few months or £66 to lose in a few months, was an obvious choice for me.
  4. detail1


    RS 197 Cup
    Did you remove the cat as well or just the silencer?
  5. Ryster

    Ryster Paid Member

    Black 200
    Just the silencer mate.
  6. Kazumz


    Clio RS 200 Gordini
    Was thinking on doing it as I'm on my absolute arse.

    Tbh I don't think I can even afford the £66. Christmas is a biatch.

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