Cookies stopping me from logging in?

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  1. l33th3tr33

    l33th3tr33 Paid Member

    I can't log in on my laptop (chrome) due to 'not accepting cookies' although I was logged in 5 minutes before. Any suggestions on what to do? Cookies are enabled so I'm lost!

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  2. Bene

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    Cookies are stored client side, so whatever is on your laptop seems to be borked and not being accepted by the site when presented to it.

    To remedy this, have you tried going to History > Clear Browsing Data and selecting 'Cookies and other site data' to clear?
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  3. l33th3tr33

    l33th3tr33 Paid Member

    I forgot I posted this, but I fixed it last week or so, Just deleted anything to do with the site and it was back to normal. Thanks anyway though!
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