Cold StartUP... engine struggling :/

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  1. Hi mates.

    Got a bit of a developing problem on my RS200 and wanted to ask you guys if anyone of you had the same problem. I cannot pinpoint out the cause of it because it has only done it 2 times. So here it is -> when I start the car after 8h of standing it runs really jurky. It idles really bad for a couple of moments. When i put some gas, it starts running perfectly. :huh:

    All I can remember is that both times the petrol was low but then again not that low that I'd say it has anything to do with it. When the problem accoured the first time I turned the car off and the outside temperature was around 30°C. When I turned the car on after 8h and the problem showed itself for the first time it was around 15°C outside. Don't really know if this has something to do with it.

    My Clio now has 22k km on the clock. At 5k km I changed the t/b - warranty. That was it. I let the car warm up before I have a blast and let it cool down to before I turn it off.

    I found a video on the internet of a Clio GT which has the same problem but more frequently umm it's there everytime the owner starts the car and the engine is cold :blush:hmy: my research didn't bring any results. Afaik the owner of the Clio GT took the car to many dealers/mechanics and no one could find out what caused this problem.

    Help?!? :bye2:

  2. Roy

    Roy legend

    Kangerooing mate they nearly all do it they say there is a fix but normally last a week or two.just let it warm up befor starting off
    There is loads of threads on here about it if you search
    Nothing to worry about
  3. I don't think he means kangarooing :thumbsup:
  4. Foxspeed

    Foxspeed "the new red baron" Moderator

    the main problem with the 197/200 when cold is they run too lean and the idle speed is as well and of course it its also trying to heat the cats up quickly

    all this i think is to keep the emissions below the 200g/km limit and so they run like crap for the first 2mins of starting

    i would suggest -

    check for any obd2 faults

    1. run some injector cleaner in the fuel system

    2. check the plugs

    3. use the highest octane fuel you can

    failing that to the dealers and see if they can re-flash the ecu with the latest software...
  5. ...mine runs sluggish on cold start and so did my 197...its normal I think. I think it sounds quite good a bit lumpy first thing...makes it sound like a highly-strung racer....I wouldn't be woried about it. If it runs lumpy after warm up then I might be.....
  6. Cause ManIAK is a bit busy and I'm familiar with his problem ->

    1. run some injector cleaner in the fuel system -> ManIAK will answer :biggrin:

    2. check the plugs -> he already did. Even his valve-cover isn't leaking anywhere.

    3. use the highest octane fuel you can -> he uses OMV 100 octane which is one of the best fuels if not the best fuel in Slovenia / around here. It's made in a refinery near Vienna which is one of the most modern......

    As for the lumpy cold start - I think the main problem isn't that it runs lumpy/dodgy/sluggish but that the revs drop very low and the engine almost dies -> round 600-700rpm iirc but ManIAK will confirm this. If it would run @1000rpm + when cold and still run lumpy -> we know this is :thumbsup::biggrin:
  7. Ozi said all..

    As for the injector cleaner. I do not trust this various forms of cleaners.
  8. Foxspeed

    Foxspeed "the new red baron" Moderator

    well if you dont try it....could be a sticking injector

    if you have done everything else then i would be looking at the software/ecu fault - ie get it reflashed or take it somewhere they can assess the cold running and alter that map
  9. ryan197

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    try BG44k fuel cleaner, tried some myself, my car felt ever so better to drive after, felt like it been mapped again. highly recommended.
  10. I am also of the opinion that its worth trying once to see if helps sort out the problem or solves it entirely. Then atleast if it doesnt work you have tried atleast.
  11. Foxspeed

    Foxspeed "the new red baron" Moderator

    if you dont want to use cleaner then remove the injectors and have them tested/cleaned if needed :thumbsup:
  12. I don't think that the mail problem is in the injectors.
    It has to do something with ECU.

    But the car only did this twice, so i can't sort out the problem.

    Check again this video with speakers on. ( ) I doubt that this is kangarooing.
  13. Foxspeed

    Foxspeed "the new red baron" Moderator

    yeh probably ecu cant make its mind up!

    ambient temperature and engine temperature and the ecu thinks its hotter than it is and doesnt put enough idle speed on!

    might be a known fault and an ecu re-flash from renault might cure it
  14. Did anyone ever measure the air/fuel ratio?

    An atmospheric engine should have about 14.7 nominal.
    Full engine load: between 13 & 14.
    A tuned atmo: could go as rich as 12.5.

    Hope the problem gets sorted mate.
  15. Have you tried remapping your ECU with a custom map, such as

    Alot of people said this helped their 197 kangaroo'ing, so i assume it would do the same for the 200 as well. No doubt this is because Renaults ECU map will all be about meeting emission targets compared to aftermarket maps that focus more on performance.

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