changing recaro seat covers

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  1. as title my have got hold of a set of the 200 ones which are yellow so will look good in the r27 so was wondering if anyone has changed theyrs and how hard is it?

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  2. I saw those for sale and was very tempted myself, didnt go for it for the same reasons your asking on this thread hehe.

    Good luck and keep us informed :wink:
  3. i think ill have to take the backs of the seats of i think ill have a look in a bit
  4. N0ddie

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    I assume these are the ones on eBay at the mo?

    Its only the seat bases that are for sale if its those ones your looking at though. You'd have half and half if you were to go for those.
  5. I have had the seat base cover of mine and it just clips in. There is a plastic beading on the appolstery and on on the seat base it clips into. Needs 2 pairs if hands really but its not too bad. Not sure about the back part of seat though
  6. N0ddie

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    Are the bases easy enough to change out? I won the pair that were on eBay for a bargain price for when the car is out of warranty and Renault wont fix 'em for free any more.
  7. The complete base is easy to change - its held to the subframe with 4 bolts and thats it - i also have 2 of the 200 seat bases :wink:

    ..... shame i have a 197 then!
  8. Maz

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    Rich, you could sell them to me please :wink:
  9. N0ddie

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    Do you know how much these are from the dealers?
  10. DS197

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    Apologies for the bump but I didn't want to start a duplicate thread. Does anyone know how easy it would be to put a set of leather covers on the recaros?
  11. Dmonk197

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    very easy if you pay someone to do it.
    Edge automotive in west Mid- are the best i think but expensive now as he is so busy... (i think je quoted me £700 per chair in leather) -based in Colchester had a quote from them for half leather and half alcantarna and they quoted me £750 for the pair.
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  12. Doogle

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    I remember someone quoting Capital Seating for leather but not sure how much. Steve Murr on here will replace OEM coverings for a decent price too.
  13. sevenfourate

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    So; potentially buy a cosmetically knackered pair of Recaro's and then stick some new leather covers on. Thats genius.

    I chose to go the other route and spend a good chunk on some nice leather seats.; then cover them up with with a nylon cover :oops:

    And it was possibly me who quoted Capital Seating's price for re-covering a pair of Recaro's in Leather.

    I can't remember exactly now - but it was a very fair price IMO. Between £600 and £700 all in from memory. Which is less than i paid recently and i would think the quality of workmanship from Capital would be excellent (Being the only (?) Recaro approved retrimmer in the UK).
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