#93 Albi Blue in West Midlands

Discussion in 'R27 Register' started by suj, Nov 28, 2016.

  1. suj

    suj Gold Member

    Birmingham / Warwick
    Nimbus Grey 197
    Haha, knowing my luck i'd get hit by a bloody fire truck :sweatsmile:

    Thanks guys, yeah Friday I felt rubbish, but i'm fine today, still a bit of anxiety with traffic, but i'll survive. I'm not giving up driving, I love driving, it's my thing, I have been working with, on or in cars since I was little, now work with them as a living. I used to do a lot of trackdays when younger too. I was hoping to get to do a few more, last time I went on track was 2013 at Nürburgring.

    I even worked out I still have 4x 225/45/17 (and 2x 255/40/17) R888's in my attic, so I could get some Laguna Silverstones and throw them on!

    Don't worry, it's just a phase where everything has happened at once, i'll be back in a Clio soon (once I get paid out) :smiley:

  2. Jimmy

    Jimmy Good cop Administrator

    That's the spirit! Good to hear that it isn't getting you down! And having those track tyres available to you is a nice little motivator for getting back in a Clio :wink:
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  3. Micah

    Micah Clumsy McButterfingers Moderator

    Clio 220 Trophy
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  4. suj

    suj Gold Member

    Birmingham / Warwick
    Nimbus Grey 197
    Thanks Jimmy, yeah it's just a passing phase, i'm getting over it :smiley:

    Thanks Micah, I have seen that and it is so clean, but unfortunately I will be getting no where near that money (mine has more miles and not as clean). Also as much as I love LY I just cannot picture myself owning one, why I like the AB as it stands out, yet it is still relatively subtle.
  5. suj

    suj Gold Member

    Birmingham / Warwick
    Nimbus Grey 197
    So some updates:

    * Been paid out (waiting for the cheque to clear....yeah who uses cheques? Why not BT it....stupid really).

    * Also random and I wasn't expecting it, but someone has bought my old 197 F1 (#93) and PM'd me on here, asking for some details on when it was serviced / belts done etc.

    He seemed like a lovely guy, I will let him make a thread and introduce himself to everyone, I gave him my number and I went through all the details with him.
    I also offered to send him all my paperwork / spare key, as it will help him know what is what, so I will be either meeting him when I go near his or get it out in the post.

    I am kind of happy it will hopefully live on, as it was a great car pre-crash.

    I am still looking for another 197, I have one I am potentially going to buy (once they get time to sort a few things / get some pics I have asked for).

    I hope everyone has a great Christmas / New Years, you better all eat and drink as much as I will be :smiley: (PS, tis bulking season :smiley: haha)
  6. Jimmy

    Jimmy Good cop Administrator

    Thanks for the update, and nice to know that your car is going to be in good hands (hopefully!). Best of luck with the search for a replacement - hope this one comes to fruition!
    All the best for Xmas and New year too!
  7. LOCKE

    LOCKE Paid Member

    RB 182 Cup/LY 197 R27
    Great news mate. Close that chapter now. Hope to see you back here soon.

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