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Discussion in 'Monaco GP Register' started by johnny_k_386, May 18, 2016.

  1. johnny_k_386


    Clio 200t Monaco GP
    Hello guys

    i've got the 200t Monaco GP, nr. 178 and i'm from Slovenia.

    Would just like to say hello, maybe post some pictures later.

    Any other monaco gp owners here?

  2. Jimmy

    Jimmy Good cop Administrator

    Hello, welcome to the forum :smile: looking forward to seeing some photos
  3. DS197

    DS197 POTM Winner - June 2017 Paid Member

    Clio 197
    Welcome to the site :smile:
  4. Chris

    Chris Bad cop Administrator

    Welcome aboard :smile:
  5. MRizzle

    MRizzle Gold Member

    Aberdeen, Scotland
    Clio RS 200
    Welcome to the forum from another newbie. They're a great bunch on here and a veritable wealth of very useful info. I'm sure that I wouldn't be alone in wanting to see some pictures!!
  6. sevenfourate

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    Lowestoft, England.
    Racing Blue RS-200
    Howdy buddy...............:wink:
  7. Johnny 99

    Johnny 99 Platinum Member

    Clio Renaultsport 200
    Welcome. I don't know the Monaco GP so I too would love to see some pics!
  8. johnny_k_386


    Clio 200t Monaco GP
    So as I said, I'll post some pictures.

    First just a little backgroung. I wanted a hot hatch since ever. It's the cheapest way to get into sport cars. I used to have a 2007 1.4 litre 100 horspower regular clio and I always liked it. But since I first saw the mkIII RS, I knew this is what i wanted. Later came the megane RS and that was and still is the greatest car love i've ever had. I drove one as soon as they started selling the mkIII megane RS in Slovenia and it was awesome.

    Fast forward almost ten years and here I am, owning a mkIV 200t clio.

    Before I've had a 2010 citroen c5 since new. It was a 140 hp diesel, later remapped to 170 hp. Great car, comfortable, pretty fast for such a fat salloon with a diesel engine. I used to make more than 40.000 km per year, that's 25000+ miles. So owning a small petrol engined hatch was pretty stupid at that time. The c5 was a perfect mile muncher and i loved it. But still, that was not it.

    So last summer my girlfriend and I moved closer to where I work, yearly mileage was down to about 20.000 km. Naturally I started thinking about making a really big wish of mine come true, so at the end of 2015 we started checking out some hot hatches.

    A perfect car for me would have been, hands down, the megane RS. But considering my girlfriend, I settled for the clio. It's still lots of fun for me, but has an auto box, is smaller and far more girl friendly, so the clio was a way to go.

    I looked at other hot hatches. The golf GTI was always an option, but new and sufficiently specced was out of my league. 308 gti was my fathers favourite and i really like the focus st. There's also the leon cupra, but it's the same story as for the golf gti. I regularly ched the classifieds for quite some time, but nothing worth considerng turned up.

    I started talking with the local renault dealer about a new megane RS and clio RS trophy but they also had this monaco gp already in the show room, so I also considered this one. After some rational thinking i decided for the latter.

    It's a 2014 monaco GP version, used by the dealers owners wife, had just 17.000 km (a bit more than 10k miles) and during both winters it was in the show room. A really well taken care of example with regular service history, no bumps and scratches.

    I picked it up in february and I love every minute i'm behind the wheel.
  9. johnny_k_386


    Clio 200t Monaco GP
    This is it. The #178. This and the following pics taken during a saturday hoon, discovering this great road. I'm going back there this weekedn, this time some friends. Pics will follow in few days.

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  10. johnny_k_386


    Clio 200t Monaco GP
    A friend of mine has a mkIII, custom exhaust, one cat removed, remapped. Sounds heavenly.
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  11. johnny_k_386


    Clio 200t Monaco GP
    New rubber installed last weekend. Same dunlop sportmexx rt.
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  12. johnny_k_386


    Clio 200t Monaco GP
    Also for the ones that don't know what a monaco gp version is.

    It's essentially a fully loaded mk4 RS (cup, leather, rs monitor, ....), pearl white with a black roof. 750 were made, sold in 20 countries. As far as i know, there are two more like this one in Slovenia, so it's pretty rare. But i could be wrong, don't know how many were sold here.
  13. Jimmy

    Jimmy Good cop Administrator

    Great write up and some good photos :smile: it looks like you have some cracking scenery and roads out there! Always nice to read about member's car history too :smile:
  14. Pav

    Pav Moderator

    albi blue 197 with boost
    very nice..enjoy your baby...
  15. VolumeX


    Clio mk3 197 & 200 20th
    Enjoy the wheels... still think the MK3 is a far better looking hot hatch IMHO of course. The new shape does not grab me, its a little dare I say Fiesta-esh.
    (Now I've stirred the Hornets nest...) LOL

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