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  1. Trev m
    Trev m Richard McCann
    Did you sell the Silverstone?
  2. alachi57
    For rear and full roll cages. 01508528577. see Phone 01508 528577. email
  3. alachi57
    We make Rear Bolt in Roll cages For the Clio 3. Phone Alan 01508528577 For clio discount.
  4. Grahamjs
    Grahamjs Markmec
    I am interested in the Fog Lights. How would you like to be paid. I live in Southampton.
  5. TJG
    TJG tombate911

    Compbrake top mounts for a 197? is this something you can get hold of ?

  6. stevenhay92
    Motorsport Coach / Rally driver / Circuit Racer / MMA Fighter
  7. wilsofar
    wilsofar Northerner
    Sorry,I don't seem to have given you my phone -01527853519

    I've reduced the 197 to £2300 to free up drive space
  8. Toma90
    Toma90 Enis
    Nemam intagram, na forumu nisi objavljivao slike? Lp
  9. Frazeaston1
    Frazeaston1 dozydinosaur
    Hi mate

    See you are a local 197 owner, do you still have the car?

    Live in Camberley, recently brought one but needs look at.

    Abs and ESP lights on and making quite a strange noise when driving? Can you recommend anyone local to us?

  10. Ahmed Askar
    Ahmed Askar Meeteepao
    Hi meeteepao,

    I am living expat living in Qatar, I read and saw your car it's really nice . I am having same model but red color.

    I want to ask have u install lower spring as I am trying to get but I would like to ask if u did It before especially we are living in the same region

    Please let me know what kind of moods u did to your car , so we can share our idea.

  11. Dumdum
    RS200 CUP in progress
  12. Denners15
    Just purchased a Ktec resonated exhuast of of ttrw2 (rob) absolutely top bloke no messin great communication can’t wait to get it on there
  13. ///M
    ///M adam thomas
    Sold suspension to Adam. Top bloke. Pleasure to deal with.
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  14. ///M
    ///M Andyyox
    Sold our airbox to Andy. Prompt payment. Pleasure to deal with.
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  15. Andyyox
    Andyyox ///M
    Bought airbox from ///M. Arrived when expected and was packaged well too. Thanks !
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    2. ///M
      Thank you Andy, you're welcome mate.
      Jun 3, 2018
  16. nathan-burgess
    Sooo... The lower engine mount just snapped. Sounded like a bomb had gone off. S*** myself
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  17. Cliosport197
    Cliosport197 Stoffey
    I saw you added rear spoiler
    where you buy this? you have a parts number of this parts?
  18. Martin Walker
    Martin Walker Ade T
    Hi interested in rear bumper ?
    Where you located and would you post and how much you after for it.
    Any pics
  19. Kylegriffiths
    Do anyone know what’s wrong with my 197 try to accelerate then stops at 5000rpm then gotta lift off and back on,rough idle sounds like shit
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    2. Kylegriffiths
      Hello Sean how do I post in the technical section?thank you
      May 2, 2018
    3. Kylegriffiths
      And I’ve also change the spark plugs and the injector/coils
      May 2, 2018
    4. Sean197
      May 3, 2018
  20. RonnieCLIORS
    Clio 197 F1 TEAM R27 #177

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