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  1. nathan-burgess
    Sooo... The lower engine mount just snapped. Sounded like a bomb had gone off. S*** myself
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  2. Cliosport197
    Cliosport197 Stoffey
    I saw you added rear spoiler
    where you buy this? you have a parts number of this parts?
  3. Martin Walker
    Martin Walker Ade T
    Hi interested in rear bumper ?
    Where you located and would you post and how much you after for it.
    Any pics
  4. Kylegriffiths
    Do anyone know what’s wrong with my 197 try to accelerate then stops at 5000rpm then gotta lift off and back on,rough idle sounds like shit
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    2. Kylegriffiths
      Hello Sean how do I post in the technical section?thank you
      May 2, 2018
    3. Kylegriffiths
      And I’ve also change the spark plugs and the injector/coils
      May 2, 2018
    4. Sean197
      May 3, 2018
  5. RonnieCLIORS
    Clio 197 F1 TEAM R27 #177
  6. MladenMihoci
    MladenMihoci Stubonez
    Hy, I m Mladen from Croatia... I love your Martini combo :) and I m thinking of doing that to my clio... I was wondering if you have maybe martini stickers on your Computer ? I have a friend who is wrapping cars and it would be much easier to him if I get him finished preparation for printing :)..
    1. Micah
      Stu sold his Clio a while back, it may be better messaging him on Instagram :)
      Apr 20, 2018
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  7. Ollie white
    Ollie white Willis
    Hi are you still doing the throttle bodies? If so how much
  8. dadoz
    dadoz shakey_hand_man
    hi andy,i seen your great swap clio..
    can you help me with wiring conersion for my 197?
    i cant see your guide on this forum


  9. Clarki99
    Clarki99 Chris V6
    Hi - you expressed an interest in my rear screen. I am just about to bin all the screens so screen is yours for £50 collected..let me know before weekend otherwise going to tip as we are moving house soon.

    Cheers Ian.
  10. AmosMoses
    Aquaplaned my company car on the motorway and hit a lorry, it now has a very bent left side...
  11. Jake Andrews
  12. redwestie69
    New to the 197 scene. Picked this 06 up cheap only for the gearbox to go bang the very next day!
  13. nathan-burgess
    FINALLY got Ms Clio back. :)
  14. shogun
    shogun trackspec197
    Hi mate. Could you email me at about the wheels please?
  15. nathan-burgess
    Driving a 1.4 Astra whilst my car is in garage. It's just not the same is it :( Try to put your foot down and 6 years later it moves.
  16. CJ197
    Loving my 197
  17. Igwabo
    Red 197, happy!
  18. nathan-burgess
    pressure switch replaced, stopped the leak. But found leak from head gasket. Fml
  19. DonaldS
    Sharing is Caring
  20. Hoppo4.2
    Hoppo4.2 Rudda
    Hi I now have 251 would you be kind enough to get in touch im trying to trace it's past.